Volcano LavaTube V2.5

The first LavaTube by the e-cigs brand Volcano was a good device. But the company needed to address certain problems with quality and wanted to add some features as technology became available and affordable. Customers were not entirely happy spending $140 on the device a few years ago, but today’s Volcano customer finds a price of $139.99 to be good value for a basic tube mod with accessories.

Lavatube 2.5Volcano LavaTube Review

V2.5 comes with variable voltage and variable wattage settings so you can really fine tune output from your 18650 battery. A LavaTube is actually a tube; a base unit, not a whole e cig. On its own it does not have built-in batteries or a tank.

The Volcano LavaTube starter kit features a battery, tank, charger, and e liquid besides the base.

Inside there is a computer chip which controls battery output and an LED screen which is easy to read. Using three buttons (two little, one large), set voltage, wattage, and also read your resistance. The LavaTube 2.5 has a memory function that remembers your previous setting.

The internet usually shows this item in red owing to its name, but 10 colors of anodized aluminum are available too. Buy it directly from Volcano or purchase one from an authorized re-seller.

Volcano has spread to the UK, they run several shops around the United States, and their online service is excellent. It’s a model you should have no trouble getting a hold of, and getting help from customer service will be no trouble.

E Liquid from Volcano E Cigs

Volcano is well-known for producing excellent bottled e liquid; a definite advantage when considering your package comes with some. Attach the tank provided (or another with 510 threading) and add drops of Kona coffee, coconut, blueberry, tobacco, or one of many others. You don’t have to use their liquid once that runs out: while good, it is expensive.

Volcano on the Charts

Volcano E Cigs is not making its mark on the e cig charts right now. The top ten is loaded with new e cig companies and also contains some older names like Green Smoke and V2 Cigs. Many previous favorites have given way to growing competition. Why isn’t Volcano there if the LavaTube is a decent product?

Their LavaTube 2.5 was made for advanced vapers. The e cig charts usually represent mini cig brands. V2 Cigs, White Cloud, and Green Smoke are best known for cigalikes. Some brands offer cigalikes and intermediate devices like the Halo Triton, for instance, big brother of the G6, but they do not carry mods. One exception is the new face on the market VaporFi, which makes 5 types of electronic cigarettes including a cigalike and also carries reams of e juice flavors.

Volcano makes three models of e cigs: the Magma and Inferno are their other two. A Magma starter kit is excellent value for what you receive (it comes with a charging pack) and the Inferno provides a midway point between mini cigs and mods. Yet, these are not their flagship products anymore. The LavaTube 2.5 gets more attention. Perhaps the company would gain ground if they sold disposables or a variety of starter kits, or perhaps those are not their best products.

Where to Find Reviews of the LavaTube 2.5

As for the LavaTube, it features alongside mods that do not find their way onto the same charts as the Halo G6, Vapor Zone Express, or South Beach Smoke products. You will read about the LavaTube when you look for ratings of the Provari, SmokTech Ace, and other tube mods. It is often spoken of in terms of value for money, being decent and affordable if you want to try electronic mods without paying $200 before even looking at tanks and chargers.

With a coupon code (there is usually one knocking about online), you can find an excellent deal and buy yourself a sturdy device from an American company.