Variable Voltage Mods

When vapers become experienced with e cigs, they notice certain things, like the relationship between volts, ohms, and clouds. Although it is not essential to create vapor thick enough to feel like cloud cover at high elevations, advanced vapers make it their personal challenge to learn how they can create thicker plumes of vapor than their neighbors. Vaping becomes the equivalent of blowing bubbles with gum where competitors become caught up in technique simply because they can.

Variable Voltage Benefits

Variable Voltage vape mods provide a way to control vapor production and temperature, throat hit, and flavor according to the vaper’s priorities which might have more to do with tasting their vapor and feeling it in the back of their throat than blowing vapor. Vapers consider the resistance of their coils when dialing in voltage.

Several Models

Innokin could be considered the leader in designing and manufacturing variable voltage devices. They have released many styles which are consistently preferred by vapers from the intermediate to experienced level. All of them are electrical: every adjustment is made at the push of a button or the turn of a dial. Some of their VV models are the iTaste SVD, iTaste MVP, and VV V3.0.

Beyond Vape has also released some variable voltage devices, one such being the beautiful Spire. We will look closely at that mod and also the Provari, a popular VV item from American company Provape.

Innokin Variable Voltage Designs

Why is Innokin such a big seller featured on numerous internet sales portals?

This Shenzhen manufacturer has developed a reputation for designing user-friendly, affordable, consistent performers. They not only work efficiently but are also easy on the eye, particularly when iTaste clearomizers are attached to them. Two such devices in their variable-voltage range are the iTaste SVD and iTaste MVP 2.0.

You should manage to buy the iTaste MVP 2.0 (their second version) for around $60, but prices vary wildly and some packages come with an iClear clearomizer, so if the price tag is $70 that might signify a bigger package than a $45 price tag. Certain vendors also supply free e-juice with the kit.

iTaste MVP

At the $60 price point, you receive a subtle exterior color, but Energy and Shine versions feature energetic patterns. Available wraps allow owners to change the exterior temporarily and cheaply every day if they wish.

The battery for an Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 is built in: you have to charge the whole device (capable of 2600 mAh), and when the battery is finished, the MVP is also finished. This is unusual as most variable voltage mods are either batteries in themselves (like Spinner or Twist models) or are tubes/boxes with removable batteries. A screen shows how many puffs you have taken, voltage and wattage (3.3 to 5 volts and 6 to 11 watts) plus battery power remaining.

If all you did with the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 was to vape, that battery would last for days. With such a lot of power, however, the MVP acts as a wireless power source for your cell phone or other USB device. It is even possible to vape and charge simultaneously with pass-through capacity. Many individuals start their variable voltage experience here.

The iTaste SVD is a stainless steel power horse capable of up to 6 volts at 0.1 volt increments and 3 to 15 watts. Its adaptability (telescopic to three sizes: 18350, 18500, and 18650) belies a simple interface. Anyone can use the Innokin iTaste SVD. Both iTaste devices are 510-compatible.

Spire by Beyond Vape

Like the two previous mods, a 510/eGo connection makes for highly compatible threading onto your Spire. Choose from two top caps, both removable, one being an 18-mm cone and the other a 22-mm flat top. Use any 18-series batteries, starting with 183550 for a discrete size. The Spire is more expensive than the other two, but it is also customizable.

Provari by Provape

American vapers get really excited about the Provari because Provape is an American company. With many colors to choose from and two screen colors (blue or red) on the menu, choose the combination most compatible with your personal style and wardrobe.

Select from 2.9 to 6 volts which will come up on the display screen with other readings (battery charge, ohms, etc.). Internal calibration ensures these values are accurate to within a fraction of a volt. Originally, this is an 18490/500 device but with an optional extension cap you can upgrade to 18650 and enjoy more power on one charge: enough for a weekend or longer.

The Provari detects many possible dangers, overheating being just one example. It will turn itself off if you depress the button for too long (16 seconds) or the battery is warming up too much. The Provari also shuts off if a short circuit is detected (to protect your atomizer), will not fire if battery polarity is reversed, and warns against over-discharge.