Vapormax V

The “V” in Vapormax V appears to stand for “5” although it could be there to emphasize that this is a vaporizer, as if the name alone was not enough to convince you of that. This vaporizer by Flowermate is an upgraded version and could well be their fifth, whether four have been released previously or not.

It takes commitment and thoughtfulness to produce a vaporizer device that addresses all the issues customers raise and is tweaked so as to work better in those areas without ruining something else or adding $50 to the price. A lot of that work goes on behind the scenes for months or years without customers realizing the effort that went into designing and manufacturing their portable herbal vaporizer.


Quick Vapormax V Review

While pens are hot property in this business, the Vapormax V takes more inspiration from e cig box mods. It has a box-style shape but slimmer than most box mods. The inside houses two Samsung, 2600-mAh batteries while the outside is a glistening blue, black, silver, red, or green shell with holes at the top right to vent the battery.

Both the top and bottom feature sliding portions to reveal different things. On the bottom is a storage chamber where your mouthpiece lives while not in use. At the top is the herb chamber which you open to reveal a lighted compartment (when turned on) before placing the mouthpiece over the top. These sliding doors are a neat, clean touch.

Vapormax V kitHow it Works

Grind herbs and tamp them in place using a tool provided (not too tightly). When they are in the chamber (don’t overfill it) and the top portion is dusted of any remaining leaves, attach the mouthpiece.

You have to turn on the device using the button supplied and wait for it to heat up to one of three pre-set temperatures according to the setting you choose. They are 385F, 400F, and 420F. Apparently there is no combustion involved, which is a relief if you use vaping pens for herbs. With pens, combustion is tough to avoid.

Upgraded Device

An important difference between this and the earlier version of a Vapormax include temperature settings: there were no other options before. The unit is self-regulated for ease of operation. Other small changes have been made too, but that’s the one you will notice most.

Heating and Power

The Vapormax V uses a ceramic heating chamber where dry herbs bake, supposedly evenly. A metal screen covers the filter to prevent herbs from getting into a user’s mouth. Customers seem to appreciate their box. They like that powerful battery load which lasts for around 10 sessions, maybe more.

It is easy to use and to afford: there is no learning curve. Press the power button. Wait for the red light to turn green, and vape. There should be no combustion, but my suspicions are aroused by the low cost. Can the technology be good enough at that price using a baking process to avoid burning tobacco leaves?

Clean Mouthpiece

While glass is obviously more fragile than rubber or soft plastic, Pyrex is pretty durable stuff. It is also clean. That is why Flowermate chose a Pyrex mouthpiece for the Vapormax V. It produces the cleanest flavor available and is included with the kit alongside cleaning tools.

Buy the Vapormax V

You can pick up the Vapormax V from just a couple of places. It is a relatively cheap device at around $80 to $90. The starter kit for this unit also comes with a wall charger and replacement screens. It’s a great-looking piece of equipment and an excellent product for beginners. If you haven’t used a vaporizer for loose herbs before, skip pens and start with this attractive, affordable box-style vape.