Vapor Tower

The box-style vaporizer has been a cheap and effective option for herbal vapers going back a decade and more. They are inexpensive to buy and even easy to make, but it’s better to leave this kind of thing to professionals who can combine safety, efficiency, and style, such as the makers of the Vapor Tower.

Stylish Vape

The Vapor Tower Vaporizer looks like a cross between a Da Buddha and a box-style vaporizer in terms of shape. It’s too tall and narrow to be a true box, but not cylindrical the way a Da Buddha or Volcano is.

It possesses a shape all its own which makes it hard to classify. That can’t be the reason this device has flown under the radar for so long. Many consumers fail to notice it which is a shame, but it’s time you learned about the Vapor Tower, at least so as to consider it when wanting to compare mods.

Vapor Tower VaporizerVapor Tower Vaporizer Review

This is an herbal vaporizer, meaning you grind your herbs and place them between two screens. Providing extra surface area, this system really gets the heat through materials.

It also helps that there is a hollow-centered heating element, pushing heat right through the middle of your lightly-packed plant materials.

Exterior Design

Simplicity is the watch word with the Vapor Tower. On the front you see just an on/off switch (that looks like a light switch, not a button) and a dial. Use the dial to set your temperature.

The makers of this device say manual operation makes it very easy to use and that you can just set the temperature and walk away, not fiddling around for the right value.

This implies a digital button-operated device would not work the same way, which would be incorrect. If anything, manual controls are less accurate than digital ones, but clients who buy this piece are very happy.

Included Hand Kit

This is a whip-delivery vaporizer designed in the USA. You have to draw vapor without fan assistance. The plans were created in America, but where was the Vapor Tower built? The Vapor Tower website does not say. Your whip kit comes with medical-grade silicone tubing and a custom blown mouthpiece. Since it is custom blown, each mouth piece is unique.

Package Deal

The Vapor Tower package contains tubing, a blown glass mouthpiece, stir tool, acrylic metal grinder, and the tower with a power cord. You have to plug it into the wall. Your package comes to around $170 and you can pay all at once or in increments through installment terms, which is unheard of in the vaporizer industry. At less than $200, the price is very reasonable. Aroma bulbs are also available if you want to diffuse oils.

How Customers are Reacting to the Vapor Tower

When consumers find this hidden gem they can’t help but just love it. The Vapor Tower creates smooth vapor. The dial makes it very simple to set and to use. Some people prefer a dial over buttons and a digital screen. The makers of Vapor Tower vaporizers have been doing this for a while so their experience has enabled them to make a very user-friendly item.

It is efficient, the whip tubing is a decent length, and there is no plastic. Why does this matter? Many consumers are concerned that high temperatures will create fumes from something other than dry materials. They wonder what is getting into their vapor pathway. Manufacturers can insist they seal the pathway off from anything that is not clean and neutral, but omitting plastic from the design entirely is even better.

Extend the Life of Your Vapor Tower

To ensure a vaporizer runs effectively, efficiently, and for a long time, consumers are told to keep them clean. They are advised to wash the tubing and mouthpiece regularly, clear out residue from the chamber, and generally give the unit a once over at least every week. Cleaning the Vapor Tower is a simple task, not a chore.

Where to Buy the Vapor Tower

There is just one place to buy it: the Vapor Store online. Makers of the Vapor Tower have struck an exclusive arrangement with this company which seems to be working out well. Now you know why this herbal vaporizer has eluded you for so long. Many other manufacturers sell their goods to wholesale clients all over the country for internet and in-person sales.

Vape World also sells a version of this that looks identical.

For the makers of Vapor Tower to buck this trend they need to be either:

• Concerned about keeping up with large orders, or
• Worried about the reputation of some vendors

Since the business has been going for some years now, this system must be working out fairly well for the people behind Vapor Tower vaporizers. An exclusive approach hasn’t hurt their business.