Vapor Shark DNA 30

There’s another box mod in town: the VaporShark DNA 30. It utilizes the Evolv DNA 30 chip that controls wattage and automatically sets your device to the correct voltage. Choose black or gunmetal and pay $169.99 for this device designed by VaporShark. At that price, you are paying more than most, with several similar mods selling at $100. Why would you want to pay extra when there are such great deals from online vendors?

Why Designed by VaporShark?

The box mod style is not unique. There are several on the market such as ones by Cloupor, Hana Modz, Sigelei, Innokin, and IPV. Their power ranges from about 15 watts to 100, but each of them looks something alike. To distinguish one mod from the next, companies have the chance to create their own box styles while the chip remains the same.

VaporShark Improved Technology

This is VaporShark’s improved version of the DNA 30 variable wattage box mod they were selling previously, another reason to insist on a company-specific design. They took the suggestions of some of their customers and incorporated them into their newer version so that now the button, 510 pin, and internal structure are better than before. If you own an old VaporShark DNA 30, it’s about time you consider an upgrade.

VaporShark DNA 30 Review

This device has been custom designed for VaporShark (only the Evolv chip is found in other similar mods). It works with a 1300 Lithium Polymer battery and accepts sub-ohm atomizers. The firing button is made of metal. As the name suggests, adjust your e cig to 30 watts or less.

It is possible to upgrade the chip later on if you choose. The 510 connector is spring loaded and works with many different types of tanks and clearomizers, including the GLASS by VaporShark. Maximum output is 10 amps on this compact, potentially discrete device with an OLED screen that isn’t huge but very readable. Remember: VaporShark already got the bugs out with their first version of this box-style e cig. Now it should be nearly flawless both outside and in.

Sub-Ohm Satisfaction

In the good old days, 1.2 ohms was low resistance. Nowadays, vapors know they can go lower and the technology exists to support sub-ohms. As long as you do not go below a certain resistance (in this case, 0.5 ohms) your device will function fine without overheating. At any lower, there would be too little resistance and a chance your box mod would malfunction. Sub-ohms give you the chance to build bigger, better clouds of vapor if the watts are right, your device reads the ohms correctly, and you are using e juice with high-vegetable glycerin content. The VaporShark DNA 30 supplies everything you need for cloud chasing tournaments.

Attractive Exterior

Although the outside appears suitably slick on its own and is made from durable cast zinc-aluminum alloy, there are protective covers available which also add the element of extra color should you desire it. Even without the cover, your box mod has the look of a small day timer, and don’t let the pictures deceive you: the VaporShark DNA 30 is indeed very small.

Select blue, black, grey, pink, purple, red, or teal for $9.99. The USB charging cable costs $7.99. You will want one of those both to charge the device for a full day or more of use (1300 mAh takes you a long way) but also because the VaporShark DNA 30 works as a pass-through device. You can vape while charging. Replacement batteries sell for $25 at VaporShark which, by the way, is a decent price for this size of battery.

More from VaporShark

With sub-ohm vaping available, you are going to want some excellent e juice to go into your tank so you can make the most of your high-tech box mod. Choose VaporShark juice in one of their many flavors or you can buy e juice by one of three other top-shelf brands. VaporShark e juice is made to exacting standards from high quality, US-sourced ingredients under strictly monitored lab conditions.

Final Thoughts

VaporShark’s box mod has been reviewed by prominent figures in the vaping world and received some good press; good enough so that consumers know this is not some cheap clone of the Hana Modz sold for $50, but a piece of serious equipment.

There is also the benefit of owning a device designed by a Florida company (though manufactured in China). It always feels good to support the local guy. With locations throughout the state, there are plenty of places to bring your box mod in if you have problems with it; locations such as Miami, Pinecrest, Kendall, Palmetto Bay, Hallandale, Ft. Lauderdale, and Barnegat. The online or the brick-and-mortar shopping option is open to consumers.