Vapor Fi Rocket

VaporFi is a relentless company, always looking to add a new device and upgrade the vaping experience for their devoted fans, like a rock star who wants to create the best concert experience. He looks for the greatest light show; the best sound. In fact, that is what Vaporfi is: the Rock Star of the vaping world. Their Rocket Personal Vaporizer launches them into a new audience — one that desires all the advantages of an APV, but not the price and size of a Rebel mod.

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Vaporfi rocketA VaporFi Rocket Review

While the Rebel’s electronic system invites consumers to do plenty of good things, it is a $180 telescopic system. For a lot of people, buying it would be expensive enough without replacing the battery or the tank. Something between the Pulse and Rebel would be better. A Pulse screen displays data, but there is no variable voltage function on the Pulse battery. The Rocket gives customers the choice they were looking for.

VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit

For $119.99, you receive a variable voltage device rated 1600 mAh: bigger and better than the Pro or the Pulse but not as heavy as the Rebel. That is plenty of power for an entire day of vaping without having to charge the battery, so the single unit in your kit is plenty.

Your package comes with a Rocket tank built for 1.8 ohms (low-resistance) using dual coils. The tank provides airflow control, allowing you to make adjustments according to the style of juice you are using (probably a flavor from VaporFi’s long list). A Rocket tank is capacious enough to hold 2.5 ml of juice.

Finally, the kit contains your charging kit: a USB charging cable and wall charging adapter.

Sizing It Up

The tank measures 71 mm while a Rocket battery is 105 mm long. That makes your entire e cig 186 mm or 18.6 cm, which is over 7 inches long. While you might not be able to conceal one of these in your hand, who would want to hide such a gorgeous instrument anyway.

Tank Compatibility for the Rocket

The Rocket battery and tank are compatible with a number of different devices from the VaporFi catalogue. You can switch the tank between two Pro batteries (650 mAh and 1000 mAh), the Rebel, Pulse, and, of course, the Rocket. The same is true going the other way: tanks for these devices fit onto the Rocket battery. Of course, they all look best with the accessories they were designed for.

Replace or Add Accessories

Even the best tank will get broken because it was dropped, stepped on, or simply wore out. The Rocket tank was built to see you through many vaping sessions so that when you have to replace it for $39.99, you won’t feel resentful. Batteries cost $49.99.

Why, then, does the kit cost $119.99 when battery and tank combined are priced $90? Do not forget that you receive 5 atomizers and a charging kit in your package. Together these take the price well over $100.

Pricing the VaporFi Rocket

Like any rock star, VaporFi products are expensive to purchase and replace and a lot of the price pay for a brand name. It is a top notch product and the price reflects that. At the same time, they have a number of lower priced models for anyone looking for a quality product at a lower price point.

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