VaporFi Rebel II

So you thought you were already a rebel just by owning the original VaporFi e cig of the same name? It gave you power, variable voltage, variable wattage, and stainless steel good looks after all. What more could you want? The VaporFi Rebel II improves on its namesake with more power than before but for the same price: $179.99 for the starter kit.


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VaporFi Rebel II Data Sheet

Here is what you need to know. The Rebel II uses a PCB (computer chip) like the Rebel I, but this one has a 4Amp output limit for greater power. It uses either an 18350 or an 18360 battery (one of each included) to give users 750 mAh or 2800 mAh of power. Only one of each can be inserted at any given time, but that amounts to more than half a day or an entire weekend on a full charge.

Vapor Fi Rebel II

The ohm rating of a Rebel II tank is higher than that of the Rebel I: 2.5 ohms. Read instructions carefully. These are rebuildable tanks so if you know how to combine watts/volts with resistance, you could build the coil to a lower resistance without danger to the circuitry to thicken vapor clouds.

Ego/510 threading makes this a highly-compatible set-up. Use Rebel, Titanium, Platinum, Rocket, or Titan Tanks by VaporFi or other Ego/510 tanks by Kanger, Aspire, et al. You can even adjust juice flow.

Wattage is adjustable by 0.5-watt increments between 3 and 15. You could adjust your voltage 0.1 volts at a time from 3 to 6 instead. The onboard microchip provides reverse battery protection.

A 3-digit display indicates voltage/wattage and the button turns 360 degrees without sticking. This is a telescopic e cig: you don’t have to add an extension tube to upgrade from an 18350 to the larger battery. Extension is built in. Your starter kit also comes with a manual and wall charger.

Compared with the Rebel I

While customers will be pleased the upgrade doesn’t cost them any more than they paid for the Rebel I, it’s perplexing at the same time. The original offers 600 mAh/2200 mAh power and a 3-ml tank. It’s a little less powerful so the PCB had to be upgraded.

Otherwise, you get the same system and the starter kit comes with all the same items: a charger, two batteries, the telescopic tube, and manual. Why would you pay $179.99 for the original? You wouldn’t and VaporFi will probably do away with the first Rebel any day now, or drop the price.

Purchasing Accessories

You aren’t finished just because you bought the starter kit. E-juice is not included, but at $14.99 for 30 ml, VaporFi offers one of the lowest-priced juice lines available. Clients won’t be stuck for ideas either. Between VaporFi’s existing line-up, continued menu growth, and customization, clients of this company will never run out of flavors to try.

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A new Titan tank for the VaporFi Rebel II costs $19.99. Purchase a package of five cartomizers for the same price. VaporFi also carries the batteries that run this beast.

Otherwise, read what customers say. They love the Rebel. Although marketed for advanced e cig users, many clients advanced from eGos to these without much experience and found the learning curve easy to navigate.

VaporFi is an excellent company to get started with too, so if you are looking for a brand that will give you a starting point and somewhere to go when you have gained vaping experience, VaporFi could become “home” for your rebellious heart.

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