Vapor Fi Orbit

There are more ways to vape tobacco than you ever realized if you went from cigarettes to e cigs without stopping along the way to ask too many questions. Herbal vaporizing is similar but not the same, producing vapor from real leaves that have been ground finely and loosely packed into a heating chamber. E liquid simulates the flavor of tobacco and might even be created from tobacco extracts to produce natural flavors, but it’s still liquid.


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Vaporfi OrbitVaporFi Orbit Review

E cig customers are discovering the allure of vaporizers; vaporizer customers are being introduced to e cigs. Crossover has opened the way for several companies to address both markets. VaporFi has joined with them by introducing the Orbit.

If you have ever seen a Pax by Ploom, the Orbit resembles this small device which vaporizes herbs only. You can’t use the Orbit with wax, essential oils, or e liquid. This is a one-piece device featuring a built-in battery and a chamber designed to accept dry materials.

Each kit comes with a 2200-mAh rechargeable device, USB cable, cleaning brush, 5 replacement filters, and five mouthpiece covers. The AC adapter is sold separately and so are herbs, but that’s a standard VaporFi feature: none of their e cig starter kits comes with e liquid either.

Unlike pen-style vapes, the Orbit doesn’t come apart into two or three pieces, but there are internal pieces like the screens which can be removed. You still have to clean it regularly: a clean machine works well and lasts a long time by comparison with one that is never maintained.

Spec on the VaporFi Orbit

I don’t like that VaporFi fails to share some pertinent information with the user on the shopping page. I should be able to easily see what internal and external materials have been used to create the Orbit: ceramics, glass, stainless steel, or plastic. Probably a mixture of materials was utilized and that is fine: normal, in fact.

They claim that their 1.7-ml herb chamber is large. Don’t try to compare it with an e liquid chamber because you will not pack herbs in as densely, but 1.7 ml is still a decent capacity. Another figure we want is the temperature, but VaporFi posts videos about the running of their products. Details not shared in written form will be shared on one of those.

Vaporizer Price Comparison

I love the price of a VaporFi Orbit: just $99.99 for the kit. The Pax, Firefly, Ascent, and DaVinci cost in excess of $150 each for similar-sized kits. The Orbit is much more affordable, especially as a starting point or as a secondary vaporizer for someone who wants the convenience of a portable unit when they go out and owns a tabletop mod for home.

Orbit mouthpiece coversOrbit Replacement Parts

Mouthpiece covers cost $6.99 for 5. Buy a new mouthpiece for $14.99 each. A set of five mesh screens will cost you $3.99 each. VaporFi supplies all the pieces you are going to need to keep the Orbit running.

Onsite, Offsite Reviews

Since the Orbit is a brand new release, you won’t be seeing much on the internet about it for a while. It isn’t really tested among the general public, though obviously it went through extensive testing before release.

Stiff Competition

I don’t think the Orbit is really competition for the Pax in spite of its comparable size and shape. At least, I believe VaporFi had another company and model in mind: the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3. V2 is their foremost competition. With mini cigs, eGos, mods, and now an herbal vaporizer, VaporFi has a chance of truly competing in the e cig market and possibly reaching the Number One spot in 2014.

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