Vapir Oxygen Mini

For $100 or so, you can own a tiny vaporizer that is still corded but easily slips into pocket, briefcase, or purse with its six-foot cord. It is not exactly portable, in this guise, but it could be with additional pieces. This is the Vapir Oxygen Mini, touted as the smallest digital vaporizer on the planet. Is it worth the money, though?

Vapir Oxygen Mini Review

That $100 price tag does not buy portability. Consumers searching for a wireless device will have to pay another $25 for the battery and $25 for an adaptor, which brings you up to the price of a Vapir NO2. Unlike its cousin, however, you can cord the device and plug it in as well.

Is that an advantage?

That depends on how and when you use your vaporizer and if you prefer a handheld device over a large desktop unit. Using the Vapir Oxygen Mini will be more like vaping on an eGo e-cig than a big vaporizer. Big devices provide big clouds of vapor, but vaping style is part of the experience.

Vapir Oxygen Mini Details

Without a fan this is a quiet device, which you will be grateful for if the tiny whirring of convection vaporizers has ever driven you nuts. Do not worry about heat transfer to your hands: the heat shield will protect you. Some less expensive vaporizers burn customers’ hands at top temperature. The shield also makes the Vapir Oxygen Mini look like a ray gun from a science fiction movie.

Remove the mouthpiece and take the whole thing apart to clean or add herbs. You are only using the Vapir Oxygen Mini for herbs, not oils. Grind them fine for best results.

Being digital, this allows the user to set an exact temperature, not just rely on the unit reaching an acceptable value.

Buying the Vapir Oxygen Mini

You can buy a Vapir Oxygen Mini directly from the company, which is based in California. They ensure discrete shipping because the postal service might think you are buying a device for smoking cannabis. Most people use these for the purposes of aromatherapy. You get your 6-foot cord and ten screens. Shipping is free if you buy something else, like the rechargeable battery, to top $100.

The Vapir Oxygen Mini is also seen on retailer websites where you only find vaporizers like the Volcano, PAX by Ploom, and Arizer. Some retailers are picky: they don’t just sell anything. In other words, the Vapir Oxygen Mini is not just any vaporizer.


The Vapir Oxygen Mini must have made an impression among celebrities: it found a place in Rolling Stone Magazine. No vaporizer is perfect, and the Vapir Oxygen Mini is made more cheaply due to the lack of glass parts. But for a digital machine, you are getting a great deal.