The Vapir Rise

Desktop vaporizers keep you bound to a single spot, but they supply consistent power and sometimes multi-user privileges. The Vapir Rise was designed for use by up to 4 people at once, but you can also vape comfortably with it on your own. Its many features make the Vapir Rise a unique product.

The Vapir RiseVapir Rise Review

There are numerous ways to use the Vapir Rise. One is to add a balloon and enjoy the freedom of an effortless draw. Another is to use a whip and inhale directly. Vaporize oils or herbs. Add a multi-user adapter to make this a social device: it isn’t automatically set up for 4 people.

Users express mixed opinions about all of these customization options. It can be wonderful to have such a lot of choices, but some consumers find the selection of goodies that come with or could come with the Vapir Rise overwhelming. A simple rule for customers would be to not buy the Vapir Rise if you are unfamiliar with the way vaporizers work generally, especially forced-air devices accommodating balloons.

The base for your Vapir Rise is beautiful yet simple. The base is really a touchpad with instructions written big and bold but no actual buttons. On the pad you see a + and — for fan speed, heat settings, and a digital display showing the temperature. From the base your vaporizer really does rise, like a vase. There’s no way to mix up your buttons and even people with poor eyesight will have no problem reading these controls.


The Vapir Rise could be a noisy device owing to the fan — and some are, but the fan is quiet. In fact, it will be almost noiseless if you set it at the lowest speed. That’s a benefit of ongoing innovation in vaporizer technology. Little things like the noise a fan makes improve.

Clean Air

The Vapir Rise uses a HEPA filter. This ensures the air that is being drawn in is purified before it is heated and flows around your herbs or oils before you inhale the air. All you have to do is replace HEPA filters every so often according to the instructions enclosed.

In the Box

Your Vapir Rise comes with a power cord, oil chamber, herb chamber, and various adapters: one for a balloon, one for inhalation, and another for the multi-user setting. There is a hot chamber grabber to save your fingers, three balloons, 2 HEPA filters, 2 large and 2 small screens, a balloon clamp, 2 silicone tubes, and 2 mouthpieces.

As you can see from this package the number of tubes is not enough for 4 people. The way to get that system going is to order a separate package of silicone tubes.

It’s easy to get spare parts: several dealers carry the Vapir Rise and accessories specifically for the brand. A number of those will offer free shipping or a free grinder with your purchase.

Who Will Use the Vapir Rise?

A lot of individuals will choose this device, perhaps in preference to a variety of other desktop products. For one thing, it’s only $249.95 (about the same as a Firefly, but bigger and with more options). The Volcano costs twice as much and is definitely a fantastic product, but the Vapir Rise is excellent value for the money.

Consumers will find that the balloon system is a bit of work to get started. They will love the appearance of their tabletop vaporizer and the fact that they don’t have to change batteries. With a larger device there is also the benefit of loading more herbs in at once. Finally, if you are a social vaper, the Vapir Rise is excellent and, though not unique, one of the better multi-person vaporizers.


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