The Plenty

Between desktop and portable vaporizers, there is another category that you should not disregard: the corded handheld vaporizer. It is not a big enough category to form any sort of club or separate heading at the vapor store, but users notice big advantages when using a device light enough to hold easily and pass around without having to charge it all the time. That is the power of a mains-connected vaporizer for you: electricity just keeps pouring in. Some vaporizers have built-in batteries, so when they have charged for the last time you have to buy a new vaporizer.

The Plenty VaporizerThe Plenty Vaporizer Review

There are no long waits for batteries to recharge, but that is not all the Plenty by Storz and Bickel has going for it. Continuous power is an excellent selling point. Lightness is great too. The Plenty looks heavy and is definitely sturdy, made of only the highest quality medical- and food-grade materials.

What do you expect?

The Plenty was engineered in Germany, the country associated with the most exceptional engineering the world has ever known. If something has a “made in Germany” tag on it, you know it was designed to last and to do precisely what the advertising says, often more. That goes for your washing machine, your car, and this vaporizer.

The Plenty Profile

Storz and Bickel’s second offering is a whip-style vaporizer, meaning you have to draw directly from the mouthpiece to get vapor. Lacking a forced-air fan means you get quiet performance at all times, unless you are a noisy breather. It will not suit someone who has trouble breathing; for that, the Volcano is ideal because of its balloon delivery method.

Superficially, this device could pass for some kind of retro, collector’s piece from a garage. Although I have never heard of anyone collecting gas pump handles, classic car aficionados might know where to get one. Colored black and orange with a curling cooling coil and a switch inside the handle, plus a gauge at the front, you could be pumping fuel instead of vapor. Storz and Bickel have something healthier in mind.

Switches and Such

The gauge facing front above an orange light bulb (which shows when the device is heating up) indicates your temperature is rising from 266F to 395F (130C to 230C). To set a temperature, turn the orange dial at the cylinder to your preferred setting. After the temperature goes out and you wait a little while, start heating up again by pressing the button in your handle. Everything on this device is there for a reason, not just to create a novel appearance.

Cooling Conveyance

Inferior products convey vapor to your mouth without giving it time to cool. It gets very hot so that when you draw, flavor is overwhelmed by heat and tastes harsh. The Plenty adds cooling coils that twists up from the top of The Plenty’s cylinder so that heat can dissipate slowly before vapor arrives, smooth and tasty, at your tongue. It can get very hot at the base so do not touch the coil there.

Amazing Chamber

Users say The Plenty has an even bigger chamber than found on a Volcano by Storz and Bickel. It is wide, large, and deep, making it easy to fill and to clean. A wide chamber also allows for full and effective heating of your herbs and permits long periods of vaping before you add more tobacco or aromatherapy materials.

Lots of people take advantage of this big chamber to share vapor materials with friends. For vapers using the device alone, there is a trick in the manual for filling the chamber with only a small batch. Place the liquid pad supplied in your kit on top so herbs stay put while vaporizing.

Hot Property

The Plenty uses a super-efficient double-helix heating system. This takes a few minutes to fully heat, but you will find it effective and worth the wait. You definitely need the cooling coil.

What’s in the Package?

A Starter Kit for The Plenty comes with a hot air generator, filling chamber, and mouthpieces. You receive the liquid pad, cleaning brush, herb mill, three screens, and instructions. Two short and two long sections of tubing are also included. The price for a kit is about $350 from Storz and Bickel or one of their authorized re-sellers. Several deals are available for a similar price such as free shipping or a free gift. Replacement parts are also available, like extra screens and tubes.

What about Product Life?

The Plenty has been known to work continuously for several years. All that time, as long as clients clean it and look after their device, it works the same every time. The Plenty has been consistently excellent 2 and more years after purchase.

Summing Up

Is there anything bad about The Plenty? You have to realize it is not a rechargeable, discrete, pocket-sized thing. While a pen-style or handheld vape is excellent for traveling and using in your car, Storz & Bickel’s second brain-child will have to either stay at home or wait until you find a mains outlet at your hotel.

The Plenty is also expensive, but as an investment you can’t do much better. It will outlast your cheaper handheld and many desktop vaporizers. The quality of your vapor is never in question either. It is clean and pure so long as you use fresh dry materials at all times and clean it periodically.

Consumers claim The Plenty does not get dirty the way some models do, so clean it regularly but with less frequency than you expect. In fact, thanks to its superior build and quality, all you have to do once you buy The Plenty is read all of the instructions (which contain some handy hints you might find surprising) and enjoy it.