Sub Ohm

The sub-ohm vaping community is not large relative to the general population of e cig users. Most people are happy with low or regular ohms. It is the simulation or replacement of smoking they look for; a way to get nicotine without stinking like an ashtray or to continue the hand-to-mouth habit they crave.

Vaping instead of smoking cigarettes has freed up a lot of money for doing other things. It would be fair to say that those who vape sub-ohm fall into a different category: hobbyists.

The Vaping Hobby

Vaping ceases to be about finding an alternative to cigarettes when a consumer starts to think about the electronics and of vaping more and more. He considers the many elements that contribute to the overall vaping experience and does some calculations.

Combine a mod capable of high enough output (an 18650 device probably), juice of thick enough consistency to produce suitable vapor, and atomizers of appropriate resistance to create warm clouds and handle viscous e juice: now you have a cloud-creating mechanism you can work with.

Hobbyists do not think about expense. In their eyes this is no different from collecting stamps or building remote control model planes: money isn’t the point. The point is creating the ideal experience, in this case the warmest vapor of greatest flavor and potentially the largest clouds at a competition or among one’s own circle of vaping friends.

Sub-Ohms Defined

Ohms refer to resistance which is determined by coil build. If an atomizer provides minimal resistance, it can also be coaxed to create hotter vapor. This can be done in another way: by increasing wattage.

A suitable coil will offer very low resistance without having to produce extreme and dangerous heat. An example would be the DNA 40 chip by Evolv with a nickel coil which produces as little as 0.1-ohm resistance but at nothing higher than 40 protected watts of power. Many box mods produce a slightly higher minimum resistance at 100W or more. These mods become very hot indeed.

Ohms Law

Less resistance raises your amp output: that is ohms law. Your battery works harder when resistance is low, and that means more heat is taken from the coil. Your coil burns hotter and faster meaning top quality metals are safest, but you still need a safe device to work with.

Ohms Meter

Box mods and variable watt tube mods contain something known as an ohms meter. In the best electronic products, this is a high-tech system, but very small. Vapers recognize the result of this system when they read their screens and see what the resistance of their atomizer coil is. If the user tests this figure against an independent ohms meter, he can tell if the built-in one is correct (as long as his separate ohms meter is reliable).

Reading resistance is important because if your resistance is too low, the device could become so hot it actually explodes. At the very least, a faulty system will fail to operate if the chip is any good.

Built-in Safety

Sub-ohm vaping is highly dangerous at a level below 0.6 ohms or 0.5 ohms. After this point, the risks grow considerably. As vapers weigh up prices and choose to buy cheap batteries, cheap atomizers, and cheap box mods, they also cheapen their vaping experience and put themselves in danger.

High-quality batteries are protected either by the nature of their chemistry or safeguards built into the cells themselves. High-quality mods contain worthy chipsets which protect a vaper against the potential consequences of high heat, low resistance, low voltage, or a reversed battery.

They even lock so you cannot accidentally turn a mod on in a pocket or bag. High-end box mods are vented to allow a cell to remain cool or at least release some steam consistently.


Not only is the brand name important, but how you maintain a mod is also critical. These items can be taken apart and checked over for flaws, faults, and general wear. Check your battery over time too to ensure it isn’t losing voltage too quickly. If that happens, you are in danger of receiving a low-voltage warning and of your system overheating. Clean your device regularly too.