South Beach Smoke Curve

South Beach Smoke has a new series of vaporizer to offer customers this fall. Their shapes and colors range from bright to modest and power levels go from 350 mAh to 1100 mAh. Most of what you see in the market is pretty standard, even dull. Vaporizer designers make the same old pen-style e cigs. South Beach Smoke offers something different from one of their latest e cig designs.

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South Beach Smoke CurveThe South Beach Smoke Curve

At a price of $49.99, the Curve starter kit is one of South Beach Smoke’s newest products on what is a growing list. It won’t be long before their selection (which includes three other vaporizers, e liquid, and cigalikes) will include a mod and an herbal vaporizer, just like the selection at Vaporfi. It should only be a matter of time before they catch up since both e cig businesses are owned by the same parent company.

The Soft Shape of a Curve Vaporizer

There is something different about the Curve, though not in terms of power or performance. Looks are the critical thing and this is a delicious looking e cig. Instead of a cylinder, this is more like a well-built woman with gently curving hips and a bit of volume up top. South Beach Smoke replaces the well-known cylindrical shape with something sexier.

South Beach Smoke Curve Starter Kit

This is another affordable kit from South Beach Smoke costing the same as their Storm starter package at $49.99. This gets you a battery, tank, atomizer, and charging kit. You also enjoy multiple colors: black, red, and purple; blue, green, orange, and silver.

A Curve battery is rated 650 mAh: enough to give a light vaper one full day of use on a charge or half a day if you vape heavily. Resistance is 2.2 ohms: not especially low, but average. This is the longest of South Beach Smoke’s vaporizer batteries at 100.25 mm.

Replacement Parts for the Curve

Accessories for vaporizers include the USB chargers and wall adapters which accommodate their power levels, so do not mix these up with cigalike chargers. That’s what some people were doing when they received a nasty burn or even had to put out a fire involving an over-taxed charger.

The Curve 650-mAh battery costs $27.99 and the tank costs $9.99. You can own multiple colors to match your shoes. South Beach Smoke vaporizers have been designed so that pieces are interchangeable.

Customize Your E Cig

In the “Build Your Own Vaporizer” section at South Beach Smoke, there is a questionnaire that allows you to select any vaporizer battery with any vaporizer tank or clearomizer. This means you can own a Curve battery but a straight tank from one of the other kits or the other way around. Give your e cig a shapely accent.

Why Choose South Beach Smoke?

There are loads of e cigs out there; lots of devices as powerful as the Curve and in plenty of colors. Some are really good value but not as attractive as the Curve. This might be all you need to know, but if you need to be convinced, let me end this review by letting you in on some other features of South Beach Smoke.

The company makes a cigalike which might have been your reliable first e cig. They also provide excellent customer support. E liquid sold by South Beach Smoke is available in over a hundred flavors, and there is custom mixing on the menu too.


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