Smok Ace

SmokTech is a well-known wholesale supplier of mostly reliable electronic cigarettes and parts. Many retailers who carry numerous brands of parts and electronics have something on stock from SmokTech, particularly if their audience wants affordable products. The Smok Ace is one such item: an APV tube mod for consumers who, after starting with mini cigs and later trading them in for eGos, are ready for an advanced device.

APVs and Tube Mods

First, you need to understand the terms “tube mod” and “APV.” An APV, or an advanced personal vaporizer, features buttons which the user presses to adjust power output. You can change the voltage, and possibly wattage, up and down to create warmer or cooler vapor. These devices are usually made in two shapes with a few exceptions: a box or a tube. Most APVs are tube mods and many of them adopt almost an identical shape. The LavaTube, Provari, Tesla, and Smok Ace are all tube mods.

Why a Tube?

The tube shape is preferred because it is the most comfortable and convenient to hold and store. If you carry it around in a pocket, it fits right into a corner. In your hand it feels only slightly bigger than a cigar. The atomizer, tank, or clearomizer extends naturally from the battery forming one long cylinder.

Smok AceSmok Ace Review

You can expect to pay between $45 and $60 for the Smok Ace from a distributor. There are three buttons on the top, an OLED screen, plus the capacity to select voltage and wattage. It works with atomizers from 1.3 ohms to 3 ohms and no less than 1.2 ohms. Your screen will display watts and volts.

Consumers say it feels substantial in their hands; like something that won’t easily break simply by dropping it. An aluminum version did not fare well, but a stainless steel model is much tougher and better made. It functions beautifully. Click the main button five times to turn it off and on. Customers are happy overall with vapor production and functionality.

Clearo and Tank Compatibility

The Smok Ace is compatible with most popular atomizer. With 510/eGo threading, it was designed to accommodate the Vivi Nova, Nautilus, Protank 2, and others.

Paying for the Ace

To get the best price, don’t look just at the cost itself. Consider what you get for it. A Smok will be sold as single unit, a tube with batteries included, or as a starter kit with a tank and/or charger. A high price could represent good value.

Other Products by Smok

SmokTech manufactures many other products for vapers, including cartomizers to be inserted into tanks and more e cig devices. Their Magneto is a popular mechanical mod for about $50. They also make an e Pipe for former pipe smokers. It’s not elegant or realistic but functional and affordable, although the Guardian is more gracefully made. You might have begun your vaping habit with an eGo starter kit by SmokTech.

The SID was less well-received by experts than the Ace, but the company is continually coming out with new products. The Groove is a box mod finished in several metallic colors.

Smok makes clearomizers such as the Tumblr, compatible with Smok electronics. They have every color imaginable and make numerous inventively-shaped drip tips to adorn them with. Look out for a Bluetooth Mod and the Rocket in 2014.