Silver Surfer

I can picture a vaper enthusiast looking at images of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer over the internet, becoming excited about its many colors and engraving options, and fantasizing about the creation he would order. He might see the basic price of $270 and proclaim that to be the most amazing price for an exquisite, artistic tabletop vaporizer.

He would be right if it was true: $270 would be cheap if engraving and different colors didn’t cost extra, but they do. As it stands, the cost of a silver device is fine, but be aware of what that price includes and what it does not come with automatically.

Black Silver SurferWhat is Included

For $270, you receive an excellent dry herb vaporizer. It heats your dry material without overheating it and uses a unique system whereby the herbs are vaporized before they reach the screen.

7th Floor says this allows the vapor to cool slightly before being released through the mesh screen, thereby preventing the system from creating fumes from this metal portion of the pathway.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a 120-volt machine with three screens, a glass marble pick and glass temperature knob, a Pyrex wand and food-grade vinyl tube, and a glass mouthpiece.

Your parcel will arrive with a t-shirt and padded travel bag. You really can’t complain about the original price: many items are included. The knob is for adjusting temperature.

Along the vapor pathway, 7th Floor insists there are no places where metal becomes hot enough to create fumes. This ensures the result is clean-tasting vapor and no danger of inhaling dangerous particles.

With so many glass parts, you can see that care has been taken to produce an untainted, neutral flavor. Glass is a neutral medium unlike metal or plastic, either of which would impart its own smell or flavor onto the vapor. Even if it was just the smell that was affected, odor accounts for more than ½ your taste experience. 7th Floor has paid close attention to detail.

Getting Lively

But this Silver Surfer Vaporizer review would be missing something if I did not point out the many ways to add price and custom features. With the many possible combinations of color and design, no two Silver Surfer Vaporizers will be alike, not even if you try.

Glass features are hand-blown so each one is unique. You can add a few dollars or a lot of money to the final bill, and it would be easy to get carried away.

Select a higher voltage (220v) for Australia, Europe, or the UK for an extra $20 (for international customers, this is a necessity and it’s also good to note if you are buying this as a gift for someone overseas).

Purchase a ground glass system for hands-free vaping at an additional $20 (another $5 for spherical ground glass). Colored hose costs more (8 styles) as does colored housing (7th Floor cannot engrave on the plain Silver finish).

Choose black, burgundy, red, etc. for $20 to $40. One of 7 base plate colors adds $10. Buy a glass oil diffuser (4 colors) for $5 (you get a free wax sample). A vapor tamer costs more as does the bag for your tamer.

You can ask for up to 5 engravings from supplied examples or upload your own design. While this leaves the option to select 5 places on to add color, you can just add one and keep it simple. After making all of these selections, you could be looking at anything from $275 to over $600 for your Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

Silver Surfer VaporizerWhat Vapers Are Saying about the Silver Surfer by 7th Floor

One of the features that vapers love most about the Silver Surfer Vaporizer by 7th Floor, especially in comparison with their earlier Da Buddha (which is still available), is that the “candle” is tilted backwards. A Da Buddha “candle” sits upright, placing the herb chamber directly above its heat source.

Customers have found that if they spill herbs these are burned by the heating chamber and this creates an unpleasant aroma; the kind they have been trying to get away from by switching from cigarettes to vaporizers.

A tilted shape places the herbs away from their heating source so accidental spilling leading to burnt herbs does not occur. Customers also like the shape for no other reason than that it’s different.

Releasing your Inner Artist

Some of the creations ordered by customers are funky, some are anarchic, and many are a little too busy. The Silver Surfer can start to resemble a body covered in tattoos.

But there is the potential for true beauty to emerge, especially when a client uploads an exquisite picture to be engraved by the professionals and artists at 7th Floor. There isn’t another company offering so many custom design features for a desktop vaporizer which allows a vaper to make his vaporizer truly individual. The Davinci Ascent can be custom-designed, but that is a portable unit.

Many vapers really like the vaper tamer which uses a coil system within a bulb of glass to cool vapor before it reaches the mouthpiece. They also love the ground-glass option which enables them to vape hands-free. Hands-free vaping is convenient for those who read or knit.


The one big criticism you will hear about a Silver Surfer Vaporizer is that the glass breaks easily. It is lovely; hand-blown and unique. But glass is fragile. Since 7th Floor does not use Pyrex, you have to be really, really careful.