If you have less than $200 to spend on a handheld vaporizer, the Puff-X could be a good fit. It is especially wonderful for anyone who feels self-conscious about vaping in public and would like a discrete mod resembling something more prosaic like an inhaler. For $170, this could be a great little vape that consumers have been very happy with.

Puffit-XPuffit-X Vaporizer Review

An earlier version of the Puffit has been redesigned to bring vapers a first in the industry: portable fan-assisted vaping. In the past there has only been direct draw vaping in the handheld format (meaning vapor is extracted using lung power), but a small fan inside the Puffit-X can be adjusted to offer a little or a lot of support.

Vapor will be released at intervals of 10 seconds without much effort. Anyone with lung problems will appreciate the convenience of this light device and a lot of ex-smokers endure permanent or temporary lung problems. After a few months vaping in preference to smoking, many individuals will perhaps no longer need fan-assisted machines.

Spec Sheet on the Puffit-X Vaporizer

Inside is a gold-plated heating chamber providing even distribution of heat at the temperature you choose. Select from multiple settings between 120C/250F and 220C/430F. A light will come on to say the heating process is underway.

That same light also lets you know when your battery is charging or charged and to indicate battery power. At up to 80% charged, a green light will come on. Between 30% and 60% you will see an orange light. The red light shines when your battery is at less than 30% and needs to be recharged.

Battery power is built-in so plug the whole device into a USB outlet using the cord provided. According to the manufacturer your battery should last years and vapers who own this little machine say it is a great battery.

As for how many years the battery will last, I am going to suggest that few batteries are designed to be charged more than 300 times. After 18 months there is an excellent chance you will need to replace the Puffit-X, but they might have released a new improved one anyway, possibly in the shade of blue most closely resembling a real inhaler (as requested by numerous individuals).

Charging should take no more than 3 hours. You will enjoy as many as 30 puffs per charge.

How to Use the Puffit-X

Take off the aluminum top cap gently. Under here you will see the chamber. After grinding herbs finely, load these into the chamber without packing too tightly. Now activate by pressing the button and start vaping. A small funnel is supplied to assist you with filling. The Puffit-X is only compatible with dry plant material; nothing wet or oily.

Three extra covers are supplied with a Puffit-X so you can share your vaporizer with friends yet not share germs. Covers also protect the USB socket and temperature wheel. Clean this vaporizer regularly, but not by dunking it in a sink full of soapy water. That’s a sure fire way to kill it. Get a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Gently swab out the chamber and the part you put your mouth on. A special cleaning tool also helps.

Materials in the Making of a Puffit-X

The chamber is lined with gold and silicone insulates it. This is high-grade stuff designed to seal the chamber so no contaminants are able to get in and fumes will not be created when hot air makes contact with internal parts.

A hard shell case is supplied to keep your vaporizer clean when not in use, but the cap also helps keep impurities and dust out of your vapor pathway.

You will notice that the mouthpiece becomes warm after a long period of vaping without turning off your vaporizer. If your mouthpiece is too hot to put your lips around, use the silicone cover provided to protect your mouth or just turn it off and let the Puffit-X cool down for a little while. The microprocessor will shut-off your vaporizer automatically after 3 minutes when not in use.

Package Deal

The Puffit-X is small but comes in a good-sized package with 4 replacement screens, a stir tool, packing tool, and charger. Customers who bought the Puffit-X highly recommend it. They often say it’s a big improvement over the original and that, for the money, is a very discrete, easy-to-use product. Vapor quality is not as clean as something with an all-glass pathway (the Davinci Ascent, for instance) but most people struggle to find any criticisms.