Life Saber

The team at 7th Floor has created two desktop vaporizers, the Da Buddha and Silver Surfer. They also made a portable, handheld device to compete in that growing market. The latest from America’s 7th Floor is the Life Saber Vaporizer. Its name is relevant to two things: Star Wars and good health.

At 7th Floor, they take their customers’ health seriously; vaporizing is an excellent alternative to smoking. But this is not a “saver,” it’s a saber. It even looks like a light saber a la Star Wars and would not appear out of place in the hands of Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. The Life Saber Vaporizer is a beautiful creation which also happens to be effective as a vaporizer.

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Life Saber VaporizerLife Saber Vaporizer Review: Clear as Glass

Custom glass is one of the hallmarks of a 7th Floor device. You see it in most of their products one way or the other: as part of the wand, stir stick, knob, or vaper tamer. Some are optional; others are included with every package.

Handmade glass elements in this case are the marble picks, each one a unique piece of art. Every Life Saber Vaporizer package comes with one. A padded travel bag helps you to protect your new treasure and allows you to dramatically reveal it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Three in One

The Life Saber is a multi-functional device. Use it in the usual direct draw manner, add a glass transfer wand, or attach a water pipe. Water pipes act as coolants, softening the flavor of vapor which can be harsh if it arrives too hot in your mouth.

Many items are available as extra accessories when you purchase the Life Saber Vaporizer. When you see the price listed on a website, it often starts with a higher one that is slashed through (if you view it at an authorized distributor’s site).

That price isn’t really what 7th Floor would charge: this is a popular marketing method to make consumers think they are benefiting from an excellent price. But that value very well could be the price you end up paying for a Life Saber Vaporizer if you add a colored finish, water pipe adapter, and accessory kit.

Extras for your Life Saber

There are four colors to choose from for an additional $20 if you do not appreciate silver which, by the way, gives your device a crisp and modern appearance. Other finishes are black, red, purple, or blue. Inside the metal portion is a Pyrex transfer wand, and Pyrex, as you know, is sturdier than regular glass.

You wouldn’t want to run it over with a bus, but it will certainly perform better under stress than many of the other glass accessories you receive. Treat them with care. It is one of the most common complaints about handmade glass parts that they break far too easily.

Power Cord

You won’t read anything here about a rechargeable battery or USB port because, like the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha, a Life Saber Vaporizer plugs into the wall. It might be handheld, light, and comfortable, but you can’t take it further than 10 feet from the wall plug. That’s the length of a power cord included in your kit.

Ten feet is a lot, enough to pace a little with your vaporizer if you vape under stress the way you used to smoke when worried or upset. Plug-in vaporizers benefit from constant power: short of a power outage or loss of power due to not paying your bill, nothing will interfere with your power supply.

More about the Life Saber Vaporizer

You use this device with herbs, but grind them up fairly well. They will produce dense, rich vapor full of flavor which suggests the efficiency of this unit is excellent, although some customers say it gets through more material than most other vaporizers.

Reviews are excellent. Customers are finding the Life Saber Vaporizer easy to use; one of the easiest devices around. It takes no time to get used to setting the temperature using a dial on the front (just like you see on the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha). Cleaning is a breeze. The Life Saber Vaporizer heats up quickly.

There are few cons, except perhaps that the anodized aluminum of its body could be better insulated. Vapers find it a little hot to hold over a long period of time. Is it too hot to handle at $179.99? Actually, that’s not too bad a price for a USA-made product when you think of how much the competition costs.

A Firefly, PAX by Plume, Davinci, and Ascent will cost between $200 and $280. This item doesn’t eat up batteries, is attractive and comfortable to hold, but not wireless. If you were looking for a portable machine, this isn’t going to be your thing at all. For a household tool that you can hold in your hands and walk around with a little, the Life Saber Vaporizer has it all.