Iolite Wispr 2

The debate about whether a butane-powered vaping device is as good as a battery-operated one will probably rage on indefinitely. A consumer’s perspective is related to experience with either type of vaporizer, and if your first unit was butane-powered you might never want to try anything else. For many consumers, the Iolite Wispr 2 by Oglesby and Butler was their first herbal vaporizer, and they’ve never looked back.

About Oglesby and Butler

This Irish company has been operating since 1984. They started making vaporizers (the original Iolite model) in 2008 and, under the name Portasol, have also designed and produced other butane-powered items.

An astonishing 99% of Iolite design and manufacturing takes place in Carlow, Ireland, where O&B runs an NSAI-certified plant. Since 1994 they have also been 9001:2008-certified for quality assurance. Consumers should feel a sense of relief knowing the factory meets international safety and quality standards.

Iolite Wispr 2The Iolite Wispr 2 Vaporizer Review

After going through the learning curve of releasing their first vaporizer (the Iolite Original) and listening to feedback, Oglesby and Butler knew they had to make a few changes. Their customers had spoken about issues they wanted to see improved.

The result was their Wispr 2. This product has a bigger heating chamber and the butane tank lasts a little longer. Data suggests it is easier to replace the butane tank and it reaches a higher temperature.

The vented case gets rid of gas so there is no chance of it building up under pressure and causing an explosion. Fumes should also be released without leading to an unpleasant odor. There is no temperature control: just a single setting of 210C (410F) which the device arrives at in about 30 seconds.

When you need to replace a tank, that should take about 10 seconds and the tank will last around 2 ½ hours (some reports say more like 3 hours). A gauge shows how much fuel is remaining which will also indicate when your vapor is going to start running out. Once it gets going, enjoy thick vapor and lots of it.

A few people have noticed a gassy smell related to the Iolite Wispr. They say that it is minimal and most individuals get used to it. If you are highly sensitive to smell this is something to keep in mind.

In Your Iolite Wispr 2 Package

The kit for your Wispr 2 comes with a case, maintenance tool, 2 pipe cleaners, a filing chamber, mouthpiece, 2 tips, and a fine mesh screen. The O&B shop carries replacements like 5 mouthpiece tips ($9 per packages), a pack of three mesh screens for $9, and a $21 filling chamber. The replaceable hand tool for tamping herbs down is priced $4.50. Pay $9 for 6 fine mesh screens.

Where to Buy the Wispr 2

This improved Iolite vaporizer and the Original are both carried by several well-known vape stores or you can buy them directly from Oglesby and Butler. The Wispr 2 will cost anywhere from $100 to $170. It comes with a 2-year warranty and customer service has been very good about honoring that warranty.

Customer Service Needed

Problems with leaking tanks have led to some returns, but O&B (and other reputable vendors) have looked after these issues promptly. It’s still a bit of a worry. Not only is leaking butane unsettling, even in a flameless vaporizer, but if butane gets onto anything else it leaves a terrible smell and could cause staining or irritation. At least this doesn’t seem to be a constant problem and appears to have been dealt with in subsequent releases of the product.

Customer Impressions

The Wispr 2 seems an easy model to use. Customers would like some control over temperature but find they don’t burn their herbs and heat is even. A catalytic converter is responsible for converting butane into energy.

Lifestyles of some vapers are very active and they have taken these items to considerable elevation. While several thousand feet makes no difference to the quality of vapor, one reviewer recommended not going over 10,000 feet with the Wispr as this changes the vaporizing point of butane.

This leaves one to wonder how many vapers are mountain climbers. Of course, in the mountainous regions of Montana and Colorado you can buy a house at considerable elevation, so it’s good to know the Wisper will still work.


As a point of comparison, the Iolite Original looks very different. As opposed to six colors (orange, brown, blue, black, green, and red) there are 8 of them. The shape is less a box than a rounded walkie-talkie style.

While equally as light as the Wispr 2 and silent, this one only vapes about 2 hours per tank and heats up to 190C/375F. It costs between $77 and $130 so the Original is cheaper. O&B also makes e cigs like their 1.6-ml/1100-mAh eGo style running on a rechargeable battery, not butane.