Iolite Original

You might favor butane-powered vaporizers after trying one of the best such devices, made by an Irish company with an excellent reputation. Oglesby & Butler brought out the Iolite vaporizer in 2008. It is now dubbed the “Original” since O&B released the Wispr 2, an improved version of the first Iolite. There are still benefits to choosing the earlier model as you will see.

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Ireland’s Oglesby & Butler

First, if you want to see a pedigree, O&B has one. The business has been running since 1994 and they branched out into vaporizers only 6 years ago, but their experience with butane-powered items goes back further. They design and produce 99% of their products in Carlow, Ireland.

The Carlow plant has been certified to meet international standards of quality and safety. They received their 9001:2008 in 1994 and are also NSAI-certified. Most vaporizer facilities aren’t certified to this extent and many devices are made in China.

Iolite Original VaporizerThe Iolite Original Vaporizer Review

The Original shape is an oval, rounded more significantly at the corners then the Wispr 2 is. Eight colors are on offer: purple, yellow, white, black, blue, orange, green, and red.

A foldable mouthpiece sticks out the top, made of silicone which is both soft and agile. You can fold it completely away into the little space provided.

Because vapor can become warm once it reaches here, an additional piece has been made available to extend the tube so vapor is cooler once you inhale it. This will improve flavor.

Many people find the shape more comfortable to hold than the Iolite Wispr 2 owing to its curvy profile. Like its successor, the Iolite Original heats up in just 30 seconds. It reaches a peak temperature of 190C/375F, which is actually its only temperature: you cannot adjust it. If this seems low to you, grind herbs a little more so they heat up efficiently. You will not get any burning at a figure of 375F.

Both items are light, portable, small, and quiet. The Iolite Original costs between $77 and $130 (the lower price comes from a sale at the Oglesby & Butler website.)

They can make it this cheaply because of the materials used, such as high-grade plastic. Vapers should enjoy about 2 hours from a tank.

Comparing the Original to the Wispr

O&B improved a few things about their first vaporizer. For one thing, the tank must be bigger because it lasts at least ½ an hour longer. Secondly, the heating chamber is bigger to hold more herbs. Thirdly, it reaches a higher temperature: 210C/410F.

The case is vented in each instance, allowing your device to evacuate gas fumes. Otherwise they could build up inside the case until the pressure became too much and caused an explosion.

Sometimes people still notice the smell of butane. In some cases this puts them off completely, but most individuals don’t notice, get used to it, or find the smell dissipates after a short time.

Where to Purchase an Iolite Original

You can buy these vaporizers from several reputable online vendors. Oglesby & Butler sells them directly. A number of physical vape stores also carry these products. The price for a Wispr 2 starts at about $100 on sale at O&B and goes to around $170 online.

Clearly the Original is a cheaper option, and even if you are changing the butane tank frequently, you can buy lots of butane for the $40 dollars or so you save. A Wispr chamber, however, doesn’t need to be refilled as often as the Original’s smaller one.

Testing Customer Service

Customers are impressed with O&B customer service overall. Their impressions of the company are favorable and they have few problems with their vaporizer. The main key to enjoying an Iolite is in knowing what it is and what it is not: this is not a digital device.

You cannot change the temperature. There are no lights or screens. Mobile vapers — people who hike, go for long walks, or just like to get off the beaten path — make up many of the satisfied Iolite users who report good things routinely.

At the end of the day, it might be a personal preference regarding batteries versus butane. If using gas makes you nervous, you might not be comfortable with an Iolite. If you used a butane-powered lighter to light your cigarettes, butane vaporizers like the Iolite Original are flameless; thus, they are safer than any lighter.