There isn’t another device on the vaporizer market like the Herbalizer, designed by clever people who were behind some of the technology used at NASA. If that’s not enough to convince you this is an amazing product, then watch videos for the Herbalizer Vaporizer which show it in action and break it down into its component parts.

So Much in a Small Package

There are lots of things to look at, yet it’s such a compact and modern item; just perfect for someone living in a small flat or basement suite without the room to spread out. But you do not have to live in cramped quarters to appreciate how special this product is.

HerbalizerHerbalizer Vaporizer Review

Just for starters, the Herbalizer uses a type of heating which has only been seen in a few other high-end vapes before: a halogen light bulb. First of all, this produces clean power without combustion and none of the harmful side effects of UV light.

Secondly, it’s a 300W bulb: lots of power there. You can set the intensity of your vapor and adjust heat to within plus or minus 5F. The machine is built with a temperature sensor which detects the temperature within and externally.

Whatever temperature you last set the unit to is recalled by the Herbalizer for your next vaping session. Abandon the machine for any length of time, knock or tilt it, and the sensor tells the heater to go into sleep mode.

Under Control

Using button controls, set the fan on or off for assisted vaping, change heat, or switch between aromatherapy and vaportherapy. Use a whip, balloon, or let an aroma spread throughout the room. A 3-foot silicone whip is included. Consumers are choosing the Herbalizer Vaporizer for medical and recreational vaping. You have so many choices.

A stainless steel airway and medical-grade silicone ensure this is a safe vape; one of the safest. Only inert components have been involved in the making of a Herbalizer. While glass is ideal, it’s breakable, but you’ve got a tough but tiny tank on your hands.

Shape of Modern Vaping

Besides clean power and a 16-bit processor, the Herbalizer has an amazing, compact, practical shape which holds everything without limiting the user at all. This clamshell opens via one lid to reveal controls before a second lid reveals internal features. It’s light enough to take to your friend’s house inside the box, but extremely versatile, accepting herbs, oils, and waxes using accessories supplied with the machine when it comes in the attractive, sturdy, well-padded box. The plug is detachable so as not to interrupt the smooth lines of your pod.

Heating up the Industry

I won’t lie: this vaporizer ain’t cheap. Installing all of this amazing technology into a machine smaller than a sandwich toaster takes some doing; hours of thoughtful design, including simple elements like creating a place to wrap a silicone whip within that pod, snug fittings for chambers and a liquid pad, and other considerate aspects.

But the Herbalizer heats up faster than anything at this level: it takes less than 15 seconds to reach 445F. That is amazing, even for a portable mod. You do not expect anything this effective at the desktop level. So what if you pay hundreds of dollars (assuming you can find one, the company doesn’t throw them off the assembly line like bobble-head dogs). A 2-year warranty is included with the purchase. Assembled balloons come inside the box with a shredder and cleaning tools.

Spend that money today, get the cleanest vapor you will ever experience, and never buy another desktop vaporizer again in your whole, entire life. If that sounds like an exaggeration of fact (and who can really tell since this device was only released recently), then let that be a testament to how impressive this thing looks and the trust we put in the people at NASA to know smart people when they see them. I’m excited, and so should you be.