Your first experience using a vaporizer probably involved a model too large to carry around. It was a machine that plugged into the wall and lasted as long as each supply of herbs lasted. Desktop vaporizers cost from $100 to over $400, and that is after prices came down in recent years following the growth of competition.

These devices lack the convenience factor of pocket-sized vaporizers. As consumers know, buying stuff in smaller formats does not make these products cheaper necessarily. You pay for portability, but a lot of clients would say portability is worth the price.

Handheld Nicotine Vaporizers

Consequently, do not expect handheld items to cost half the price of their large counterparts. It is not uncommon to see a $200+ price tag even before you start paying for replacement batteries or tanks of fuel. What you receive in exchange for the cost, however, are beautiful, innovative designs and portable vaporizers which could easily replace a pipe or cigarette.

You have to suck on them to produce vapor which is why some people prefer a balloon method. There is room for small and large vaporizers in the market.

Pax PloomPAX by Ploom: Aluminum Beauty

The housing for a PAX is made from anodized aluminum. While light, it’s sturdy and comes in four colors. Choose emerald, amethyst, cobalt, or onyx. Inside the pathway and chamber were constructed from surgical stainless steel. Steel holds its temperature well and heats up fairly quickly.

In fact, it takes under a minute to achieve 370F. The top temperature is 410F. When the PAX achieves the value you set it for (one of three), an indicator light shaped like an “x” glows a certain color.

When you shake the PAX, this same “x” becomes a color which indicates how much battery power is left. Charging requires about 2 hours and the battery will operate for two hours on a charge unless you set it to 410F and use it constantly at that temperature.

One way this device helps users to conserve power is by turning off when you put it down. A built-in motion sensor detects when the device is no longer in use.

Filling the PAX is easy. Take off the mouthpiece and screen to reveal the heating chamber. Fill it with tobacco leaves or other herbs which have been finely ground. Replace the screen and mouthpiece and start vaping again.

A kit for about $250 comes with cleaning tools so you can ensure optimal operation from your discrete device. Several retailers carry this model including companies that send a free grinder with each vaporizer they sell or offer free shipping.

Magic Flight Launch BoxMagic-Flight Launch Box

The MFLB sits in the palm of a person’s hand, literally. It’s tiny but manages to achieve similar temperatures to the device above, all on the strength of an AA battery. The lid slides open at the top for a user to insert his herbs or tobacco.

With accessories sold separately he can also convert this item into an oil or concentrates vaporizer. To use the MFLB you have to push in the battery to activate heating. Puff on it from a glass stem. The PAX came with a wide black mouthpiece, but this one is delicate and slim.

Consumers are impressed by the wood finish and engraved details on a Launch Box. Each one is beautiful. They are also impressed that their vaporizer can heat up in a matter of seconds.

Firefly VaporizerFirefly Vaporizer

The Firefly is one of the most sophisticated looking vaporizers devised so far. Its exterior resembles a cellular phone with a porthole in the top encircled by light. At a little over half a pound the Firefly is light. The battery fits snugly into the back while the lid is magnetized to be totally user friendly. Inside you will find stainless steel and glass hardware.

Why does it matter if a pathway or chamber is made of stainless steel or some other material? Is there something special about glass? These materials are clean, heat resistant, hold their heat, and also achieve optimum temperatures quickly without releasing chemicals.

Actually, there are fears that metal might release something into the vapor pathway, but this is not confirmed. You know yourself the different flavor wine adopts if it is sipped from a plastic cup, stainless steel cup, a ceramic mug, or a glass. Glass is best. Ceramic is also a good choice and often chosen as the material for a heating chamber.

Palm VaporizerA Palm Vaporizer

Here is a wonderful little device with an appearance unlike anything else on the market. I would compare the Palm Vaporizer to a tiny helicopter without propellers. For about $110 it is compact but powerful enough to heat dry plant material in 5 seconds. That price includes replacements for removable screens, two mouthpieces, a charger, and two batteries.

Removable screens are handy for cleaning. Eventually these become worn or they do not clean properly, which is partly owing to the cheaper quality of replaceable versus permanent screens. Still, cleaning is a lot easier if you can take these out.

With an attachment the Palm becomes an oil vaporizer. Order one in pink, red, white, grey, orange, green, or black.

Who uses portable vaporizers?

The fact is that a lot of vaporizer customers are vaping cannabis. That’s not the whole story though. Another use is as an alternative to pipes or cigarettes.

Numerous consumers enjoy the prospect of inhaling water vapor produced by plants or oils and no longer inhaling smoke and chemicals. They can also avoid creating second hand smoke by vaporizing, and tobacco is only one possible material. Aromatic and soothing herbs are frequently chosen for their healing properties instead.