G Pro

Grenco Science is famous for their slick and trendy 2-part vape pens like the Micro-G and Snoop Dogg G-Pen. Collaborations with modern artists give them an edge in certain markets where consumers want vaporizers with the style of accessories.

These kits are designated according to materials you can use: liquids, wax, or herbs. Two sets might look alike but cartridges differ, so you choose one according to the vaping material you use. The G Pro is an herb-only device, another supposedly trendy product, but I can’t help being distracted from its good looks by one thing.

Vaporizer Copy-Cats

While several designs created by artists are unique and attractive and their general G-Pen style is clean, the G Pro Vaporizer is just one more version of an over-done portable vape format. I have seen it from VaporFi. Eonsmoke carries one.

They are all the same shape, same design, about the same price, and function in precisely the same way. Grenco Science simply tries to make theirs appear different by accompanying it with a promo video where the lights dance around and by dressing it in three outfits: black, black scale, and camo.

In spite of the many firms carrying their own version of the G Pro, they don’t always make it to top-10 lists while G-Pens have been featured on lists of the best vape pens. As one-piece vapes go, this is simply a compromise between a pen-style vaporizer and a true portable vaporizer such as the Firefly or Pax.

The G Pro Vaporizer System

G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

Ignore video one and go to the “unboxing” video which demonstrates how to use the G Pro. Grenco Science packages their products very nicely; you will be impressed with this part. Inside are screens, long mouthpieces in case you like that style better than the short one, and a charger.

They also package the kit with caps. Long mouthpieces allow the vapor to cool a little more before you inhale it and also narrow the part where you place your lips. Exchanging mouthpieces enables you to hygienically share vapor too.

According to instructions, users take the mouthpiece off by pushing on one side, flipping it off and revealing an herb chamber. A screen is built into the mouthpiece. Finely grind your herbs and fill most of the chamber, but not all the way full. If there is a bit of space, hot air can get between all the fine grains and vaporize all or most of them.

Replace the mouthpiece by snapping it back in place. I can see there being a time when this stops working and a piece breaks off, but you can attach a new mouthpiece from your spares when that happens or buy brand new ones from Grenco Science. I imagine by the time this is needed, though, your built-in battery will have accepted its last charge.

Press your firing button and wait for it to shine “green,” which means you are ready to vape. This should take up to 90 seconds. There are 3 heat settings: 320º, 380º, and 420º.

The USB port is located on the very bottom of your G Pro. Don’t wait for the battery to be completely depleted before recharging.

Reviews from Customers

Consumers seem to like the G Pro when you read their comments on the Grenco Science website. Go offsite to other review pages and reviews are mixed. The G Pro is likely to combust materials if you fail to let go of the firing button in time.

It is priced about the same as other similar models: $99.95 and up. If you already know and love Grenco Science and want a one-piece herbal vape, this may be a nice herbal device for you to check out.

Available At: http://www.vapeworld.com