The Firefly gets its name from the glow it creates through two vent grills on each side of the unit. They give the Firefly a unique quality. No other vaporizer glows outwardly, even though good products create a glow within the user. Read this Firefly Vaporizer review to find out more about a top-notch product.

Firefly VaporizerTake a Good Look at the Firefly

Whoever designed the Firefly was keeping an eye on the market for iPhones and handheld devices of all kinds. Their contribution to this scene resembles some of the technology one would already be expected to have in his messenger bag, such as a cell phone. The Firefly would be mistaken for an old, thick model (old being from 2010 perhaps), but the resemblance is still attractive and deceptive.

Why should one wish to deceive the eyes of nosy onlookers?

Vaporizers are frequently considered tools for smoking drugs which is unfair. Many consumers use these to vaporize tobacco without creating smoke or inhaling it. They are conscientious of the need to eliminate second-hand smoke and aware of personal health risks they take when smoking cigarettes. Inhaling toxic smoke is the foremost danger of smoking.

The parts of your Firefly work as a complete, ingenious unit when combined rather than being made up of removable parts. The airway is created by placing a magnetic lid over the unit, matching sets of grooves and sealing-in vapor as well. Batteries are removable. On the front is a borosilicate window showing the herb chamber. A mouthpiece is built in and there is a single button. With so few parts, a Firefly is designed for stability and sturdiness.

A Closer Look: Firefly Vaporizer Review

The Firefly battery requires just a 45-minute charge to be fully ready for service. Users can take it out and charge it externally or leave the battery in its chamber to charge. The pathway is made from stainless metal so as to create clean, pure-tasting vapor from aromatherapy materials.

Use the button to turn this device on and off. When in ‘”off”‘ mod, the battery is not constantly on stand-by as it is when turned “on.” Being “on” does not heat the unit; for that, one must press and hold the button and wait up to ten seconds for the Firefly to achieve its top temperature of 400F; less if a lower temperature is desired. Internal software allows the Firefly to get this hot and quietly uses the convection heating method to vaporize herbs.

Buying the Firefly

Consumers can purchase the Firefly directly from the maker via their website, which is dedicated to explaining what it is and how to use it. Videos posted on this site are excellent. They go through each step and display each part of their portable vaporizer in detail and from various angles.

One can also purchase the Firefly from selected vendors. Companies choosing to sell the Firefly are committed to carrying high-quality products. They often carry other high-priced items in this and the tabletop class. Such businesses have made choices about the devices they are willing to promote and sell. Having tried each one in-house, they have rated certain items of high enough quality to carry and dismissed others as flimsy, poor value vaporizers.

Firefly Package

Each Firefly is packaged with a charging adapter, cleaning kit, guide, carry bag, and battery. Several vendors send a free grinder with each vaporizer purchased, so that might be a good way to get your grinder for free.

Consumers will use the cleaning kit extensively. Reports suggest that a light clean at intervals during a session is advisable. Major cleaning is not required as frequently.

Accessories for the Firefly

While the kit is expensive but good value for the money, one can also pick up optional extras. An example is the AC adapter for charging the Firefly when there is no USB port around. An extra battery will be helpful, but charging takes so little time one might not feel the need to pay $30 for a spare.

Lids become bent, dented, or simply come off and disappear. When one takes off the magnetic lid only to have the phone ring or hear a knock at the door, it is only too easy to walk off with the lid in hand and place it somewhere absent mindedly. If the lid is still missing after an extensive search new ones are available for $35.

The same goes for battery doors ($15). With no screws to think about, it is easy to replace the door for purely aesthetic reasons as well. Some days one might feel in a grey mood, others a black one, and sometimes a red mood.

Are There Negatives to Owning a Firefly?

On the face of it, everything looks rosy. How can one go wrong with the Firefly? There aren’t really any negatives unless one is very conscious of the weight of a device and tends to carry it in a flimsy or short pocket. The Firefly is going to feel heavy and might fall out. It is a little longer than other portable vaporizers, but not by much.

A heavy unit is a reassuring purchase. Consumers realize how well built it is with the many metal features and its virtually indestructible construction. A $270 price tag is high for something with a small filling chamber, but the Firefly offers many unique and convenient features to justify that price.