Eonsmoke Falcon

Back when Eonsmoke got their start in 2011, they had a big aim: to bring vaporizers (e cigs and herbal pens) to every customer who wanted to make a change in their lives. They weren’t fussy about which type people preferred and decided to be equal opportunity providers.

Consequently, their family-run business was one of the first to design and sell e cigs and handheld vaporizers simultaneously. Almost every other business took a side until recently. Now consumers can see how forward thinking they really were.

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What Vaporizers Do

A vaporizer does many of the same things an e cig does. It uses a battery to heat an element that warms a material until it releases vapor which the consumer inhales. He would otherwise be burning tobacco leaves and inhaling smoke, so vaporizing is a healthier option.

Eonsmoke falconEonsmoke Falcon Review

The Falcon is Eosnmoke’s answer to the PAX, the Firefly, and Davinci Ascent herbal vaporizers. Its profile is like that of a PAX and predates the Vaporfi Orbit, though they are virtually identical. Like the PAX, Orbit, Firefly, and Ascent, the Falcon is one piece, unlike a pen-style vape which comes apart into a battery and atomized cartridge.

You can currently buy the Falcon for a sale price of $119.99, which includes everything you need to get started with one exception: aromatherapy herbs. The vaporizer itself is a 2200-mAh battery which can be recharged many times but is not removable. Once the last charge has been used up, that’s it for your Falcon.

A USB charging cable, cleaning items, filters, and mouthpiece caps come with your Falcon. Cleaning tools enable you to prolong the life of your vaporizer and maintain high quality flavors which are tainted by stale leaves. Screens need to be replaced periodically as they get clogged, which can cause overheating.

Easy Use

Just press the button and hold it until you reach a temperature that seems right for your material. To decide this temperature, you will have to play around a bit. That could mean experiencing a few less pleasant vapes with lower vapor production or less throat hit than you wanted (or the other way around), but it doesn’t take long to know what you like. An LED light glows yellow, orange, or red to signify your temperature is 360F, 380F, or 420F.

The Battery

A 2200-mAh battery is a power house. Your mini cig battery uses about one tenth that amount of power, takes about an hour to charge, and then lasts for a couple of hours: maybe 4 if you’re lucky and own an excellent brand. The Falcon battery takes up to 2 hours to charge and lasts for 4 to 5 hours. If that sounds short given that it is ten-times as powerful as your cigalike, it is also required to heat your vaporizer to much higher values than your e cig reaches. Holding a charge for five hours is excellent given that this is a portable vaporizer.

What Do You Want to Know?

Is this all you would have asked about the Falcon? For the vaper who knows a bit about the competition, there are other questions. Where was the Falcon made? What materials were used to construct it? Usually, a portable vaporizer is constructed from a plastic outer shell with metal, ceramic, and/or glass inner parts. The Davinci Ascent uses glass on the inside for a clean vape, but it costs about $250.

Eonsmoke does not offer this information. It would be great to assume that ceramics are used for the heating chamber, but no one should ever assume anything in this business. I’d love it if Eonsmoke published a bit more material about their product. A video would be helpful too.

More from Eonsmoke

I mentioned e cig batteries, and Eonsmoke has their own rendition of the cigalike to offer. Their basic starter pack for $49.99 is a good value two-battery kit.