If you are currently thinking about vaping for the first time, starting with an eGo, or stepping up from a cigalike, your challenge is deciding where to shop. There is plenty of choice; almost too much. Many devices are more or less the same and what applies to one applies to them all.

Frequently, the primary difference is in the company you deal with, not the eGo, and price comes into play too. You can buy a 1-battery, 1-clearomizer kit with a USB charger for $20 from one of countless companies online, and it could be a great deal or a load of garbage. But any company worth its salt won’t leave you stranded.

Best eGo Vaporizer Companies

Therefore, I’m going to comment both on brands and companies. You would be in good hands with Apollo, 777, Halo, VaporFi, or South Beach Smoke. MadVapes is an excellent company to work with and Mount Baker Vapor has a lot of fans.

The consequence of choosing a little-known company with no reputation or a bad reputation could be receiving batteries that don’t hold a charge for very long; batteries with loose buttons that fall out after a month; and customer service that renders the very phrase “customer service” meaningless.

Nuvocig Ultimate BatteryNuvoCig

Nuvocig has not been around as long as some of the others, but they have had enough time to show what they are made of. I can’t say much for their website which lists a confusing and over-long array of starter kits.

This could all be shortened by augmenting customization options for individual kits instead of separating them out into separate products. As for their eGo device, however, this is a decent unit.

Their large battery comes in two styles: 350 mAh with multi-colored lights or 1000 mAh without them. They sell several kits starting at $49.99, but this big, silver battery looks something like a funky pen. It’s different from others you have seen.


Volcano Cigs Inferno KitVolcano Inferno

For something that looks like a cylinder of cooled lava, you want the Inferno.

A metallic sheen gives this class enough to be given as a gift, but there is more to the Inferno than looks. Its performance is strong and reliable. The Inferno comes with a rebuildable clearomizer in a starter kit for $79.99.

Better than that, you can use the 650- or 900-mAh variation as a pass-through battery. A mini USB port allows you to connect and charge it while continuing to vape.

The Inferno is not unique in this sense but it’s not a common feature either.


VaporFi BatteriesVaporfi

VaporFi makes and markets 4 types of eGo e cigs, the smallest of which only barely qualifies at 350 mAh. The Air will fit into your hand and it’s not a cylinder but a flatter shape. While capable of producing more vapor for longer than the Express, it stops short of the Pro.

The VaporFi Pro is the best-selling VaporFi model which, when both pieces are connected, forms a long slim shape like a pen. The top part can be switched for a Platinum tank, at which point the unit takes on a unique profile.

The Jet by VaporFi is not marketed as a starter kit any longer, but you have probably seen its shape before; that triangular battery with a screen counting puffs. The Pulse is similar: about the same power and with a screen. The Pulse, however, has lines similar to a Pro and comes with a cordless circular charger which is simply breath-taking.

VaporFi has an advantage over some brands since their shops are all over the United States. Volcano has even better coverage, but they are equally well known for excellent customer service, especially online.

I particularly enjoy having so much aesthetic choice. With four shapes and countless colors, buying VaporFi egos is like selecting wardrobe accessories. Who would buy just one?


General Retailers

If you shop at MadVapes, Mount Baker Vapor, or one of the many retail companies selling numerous brands, you will end up with a Chinese eGo like the Innokin VV V3.0 or a Kanger Evod. These companies produce excellent quality products in loads of fun colors.

They are compatible with several types and brands of clearomizers, tanks, and glassomizers, produce thick vapor, and the batteries last a day or longer. Those companies reduce the cost of vaping an eGo compared with the ones above because of the massive manufacturing capabilities of Chinese companies.

Like VaporFi, Halo, Apollo and the rest, these retailers carry their own e liquid made in the United States. Mount Baker Vapor is well-known for excellent prices.

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Triton Variable Voltage 900 mAh BatteryBack to America

Halo’s Triton e Cig is widely loved even though you have to use the Triton Tank with it and can’t experiment (the Pro is compatible with many clearomizers). If the Triton Tank was a dud there’ll be rioting, but it’s not. You will love the flavor, vapor production, and crisp appearance of a Triton in Yellow Jacket, Emerald, etc.


Apollo’s Superior Ego is available at one of the cheapest prices in an excellent intro package with none of the frills but all of the power of those other devices. Their eGo rated 900 mAh produces fantastic vapor.

The 777 Magnum sounds like a powerful beast, but this is no weapon; not unless the foe you wish to vanquish is a cigarette. Choose a starter kit for $65 or just build a single e cig starting with a battery of up to 1300 mAh or a VV Twist. These cost $19.95 to $27.95 and are lovely-looking as well as exceptional value.