Easy Vape

There are three Easy Vape vaporizers you can buy online: the Digital, Deluxe, and Digital V5. This Easy Vape Vaporizer review will touch on all of them. In general, when looking to see if a vendor carries any of these models, look under “box style” vaporizers, “Easy Vape” (the brand), or search by price. Two models cost under $100 and another is priced around $150.

Easy Vape VaporizerVersion One: the Digital

There are 5 colors available: black, silver, light blue, dark red, and honey mustard. The last version looks like wood until you get up close but it’s actually tough, light polycarbonate.

That’s why they can make these for about $95 and why vapers find this item easy to move around. The Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer uses ground glass whip delivery.

It’s a hands-free system for individuals who can puff without trouble and who like to keep their hands free. The 18-mm color-changing whip is made from scientific glass.

Inside, when you fill the chamber, you will find it is made of ceramic. This is possibly the best material to use as a heating chamber owing to its ability to hold its temperature without tainting vapor.

On the front is an LED screen showing the temperature of your vapor which you set using a manual dial control.

Easy Vape 5 Digital VaporizerVersion Two: Easy Vape Digital V5

Like the regular Easy Vape Digital, V5 also costs $95 but it looks very different. In fact, I’m surprised by its low price.

I would have thought it was costlier to provide a fully digital interface with buttons. The base displays a wider screen showing more information.

A shut-off timer can be set for up to one hour from the time you turn it on. The heating element and ground glass system haven’t changed. Side ventilation looks different; space-aged.

Colors are black, blue, navy, gray, and red. This light box comes with a six-foot power cord.

Easy Vape DeluxeVersion Three: Easy Vape Deluxe

This time there is a big circular screen displaying relevant numbers like your set temperature and actual temperature. Everything else is the same. You should know that the heater cover in the Easy Vape (all three versions) has tripled in thickness owing to suggestions from experts. Now that it is insulated better, an Easy Vape box-style herbal vaporizer shouldn’t lose its heat quickly or feel warm to the touch.


The first, most obvious difference has to do with pricing. The Easy Vape Deluxe Vaporizer costs roughly $150 or about $55 more than the other two.

Secondly, there are aesthetic differences. On each one the screen is different. Consumers who like the simple box formula for everything it doesn’t possess (flashing lights and buttons), the original is great value. For individuals who prefer the accuracy of a digital set-up, either the Deluxe or V5 would be more suitable.

Yet, a description of version one says its temperature variation is just +/- 2C while that of the Deluxe is +/- 3C. I find that hard to believe and wonder if that is a misprint. It’s also amazing for the price. No device can be completely accurate, and there is also a difference between the temperature of your heating element and the vapor once it reaches your mouth.

Lifetime Warranty

While the Volcano is backed by a 3-year warranty, Easy Vape offers a Lifetime Warranty — for $50. It’s a product you can purchase alongside any of these items. I struggle with that.

When a company thinks highly of their product and is able to back it with a cost-free warranty, customers know it’s a good bet. The manufacturer wouldn’t do this if he didn’t trust his craftsmen or the product. Doesn’t Easy Vape feel strongly about the quality of their device? Well, a product that costs less than $200 isn’t made to last forever. Volcano can charge more — much more — because of the high quality of their products.

Finding an Easy Vape Product

At least, these box style table top devices aren’t in short supply. You can find them at many online retail sites and many brick-and-mortar vape stores around the United States. Easy Vape comes by its name honestly. These box-style vaping machines are truly easy to use. They make wonderful introductions to the art of vaporizing the herbs you used to smoke and an easy transition away from an unhealthy habit.