E-Liquid Vape Mods

There are e cigs and there are mods. Though they do the same thing in theory, the two are unalike in too many ways to be considered the same. In the following article, I will profile types of e liquid vaporizer mods. You will learn what differentiates them one from another whether this is a technical question or an aesthetic one.

Mechanical Mods

These operate using a battery but there is no microprocessor connecting battery function to an LED screen or adjustable wattage/voltage. The user adjusts draw and temperature by enlarging or narrowing air holes, with the type of coil they wrap, and the style of atomizer they use (rebuildable tank or dripping atomizer). Engraved metal tubes with their firing buttons and adjustable pins hold batteries and are there to look amazing.

Variable Voltage Mods

In some cases the battery is built in, such as the Innokin iTaste MVP, but this is not considered a mod in all circles. While you can adjust (or modify, which is where “mod” comes from) voltage, this system is relatively simple for a second-stage vaper to use even if he has been using 650-mAh eGos up until now. You would be more likely to see an iClear on one of these than an RDA, but the iTaste MVP still has some power to offer and options your Vision Spinner can’t live up to.

Once you are varying voltage, the time has come to learn how voltage relates to resistance. High voltage leads to high temperatures but low resistance will also enable you to enjoy a hotter vape. With a variable voltage device, you will need to know how many ohms you are using and grab a chart (there is a good one posted on the internet) describing ideal voltage for resistance. Usually, sub-ohms are not possible with variable voltage mods.

Variable Wattage Mods

When you are using a variable wattage mod which goes to about 15 watts, this is not enough to start vaping at sub-ohms. You will still gain the benefits of adjusting vapor and throat hit to your favored point, and with variable wattage the microprocessor inside the tube tells your device what voltage to use.

It reads ohms and does all the calculations for you to determine how these three figures should relate to each other. You are still in control, but note that if you use a variable voltage/wattage device, it is only possible to adjust either one, not both.

DNA Chip Mods

For more than a year, consumers have been enjoying the benefits of variable wattage mods capable of 20 or 30 watts, but in recent months this figure has grown to 50, 100, and 150 watts. The key is your chip. If you are using a mod with a chip capable of handling that number, then you can double up on batteries and set your coils to below 1 ohm to produce amazing clouds (which is what hobbyists are often interested in).

The DNA chip (Evolv makes the best one, but there is a Yihi version for less money found in the Sigelei and Pioneer4You box mods) can do a lot of things without taking up much space. It runs at a low temperature while reading ohms, voltage, watts, limiting amps, protecting your battery, and shutting down the system if it detects problems.

These problems could be high temperature, low resistance, or a reverse battery. You might be holding the button too long causing the device to automatically shut off for a little while. An OLED screen shows the values you need to know while an LED light indicates where your battery’s charge is at.

Dual 18650 mods use two of these high-powered batteries and get up to 150 watts. They are still small box mods while DNA tube mods typically achieve up to 50 watts. The more watts you can adjust to, the lower your resistance can be (as low as 0.15 ohms in some cases).

Some Brands and Models

VaporShark, Sigelei, VaporFi, Pioneer4You, and Hana Modz are just some of the companies that have produced variable wattage mods. Their prices range from around $100 to about $200. Their simple black or electric orange mods are all about the same size: only a little thicker than a Samsung Galaxy S5 and just as light.


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