DNA Mods

Vapers have seen this designation a lot lately: the DNA mod. Is this a brand? DNA is like “Hemi” to cars or “Hepa” to filters. It refers to a special feature but not to a model or brand of car or vacuum cleaner. The DNA is a high tech element found inside a vaping device you hold in your hands. A mod with a DNA chip in it is capable of variations and adjustments which make it a much more efficient device than mods from a year or two ago.

DNA Numbering

With several products labeled “DNA” something, you might wonder if they are all the same. Each product with a smart chip in it that allows you to alter wattage is usually a DNA product, but there are also some DNA-like devices featuring chips cloned from the DNA (an Evolv product). This is the company that brought you the “Kick” which is attached to a mechanical mod to provide circuitry.

Numbers attached to a DNA refer to the number of watts it enables the e cig to reach. The “20” is a little out of step now, replaced by the “30,” and soon to be superseded by 50- and 100-watt box mods (some 30-watt mods are also tube-shaped, but not any 50/100-watt devices yet).

Although technology enlarges the capacity of these chips, sizes remain the same. So if you could fit a DNA 20 into your box mod, it will also be able to accept the DNA 30 and, later, a DNA 50. That is what they mean when vendors say their box mods are upgradeable. With higher wattage capacity, these products are also more expensive than their predecessors.

Evolv DNA

At their website, Evolv describes their product as a power-regulating system with a digital switch built in. They were the pioneers of this technology. The DNA chip runs at a low temperature and also features overheating protection. By protection, Evolv means your device might shut down if it senses the temperature is too high or the fuse short-circuited.

DNA Mod features

A DNA mod is able to reach wattage of whatever number is indicated. This indicates that when the user chooses a wattage value, the chip reads atomizer resistance as you attach this to your 510 threading and also sets voltage accordingly.

Just by choosing wattage, the computer does everything else which, with variable voltage, it was your responsibility to work out. You had to know the resistance of your atomizer but it wasn’t that big a deal: the lowest was usually about 1.2 ohms. Now these atomizers can be wrapped to reach a resistance of 0.2 ohms.

This is another feature of a DNA mod: it will accept sub-ohm resistance, usually to a minimum of 0.5 ohms but sometimes lower. With sub-ohm capacity, box mods of this kind are also designed to protect against certain common problems related to high voltage/wattage and low resistance. While high-tech advantages are wonderful, they can also lead to bigger problems.

The biggest challenge could be overheating since low resistance and high voltage equate to high temperatures. Another issue is that you will attach an atomizer with too-low resistance, but the chip protects against low resistance, low voltage, and low power. It defends your system against a short circuit, high voltage, over-discharge, and reverse battery. DNA mods come in box and tube form and usually work with mod-sized batteries.

Brands of DNA Mods

Some common, well known DNA mods are the Cloupor series, Hana Modz, and IPV. Cloupor’s DNA 30 costs about $89.99 and works with an 18650 battery. The Tobeco DNA 30 is a tube mod, same battery size, with three buttons and an OLED screen. Like most 30-watt devices, it starts at 7 watts.

The Freight Train DNA is less well known; a pipe e cig with 7- to 30-watt range, a minimum 0.3 ohms and 3 ohms maximum. A DNA 30 Mod with no other name at Madtown Vapor features a 510 connector a usual, a 0.4- to 3-ohm range, and the LED light changes color to indicate when it is charging or has fully charged. This one is $79.99.

Variable Features

Already you can see that prices vary: from about $60 to over $200 for some brands depending on wattage limit, where they are made (China or the US), and certain features. VaporShark’s mod is made offshore to their specifications while many mods look alike, adopting boxy proportions with buttons in all the same places and threading exactly the same.

VaporShark and some others have taken time to ask customers what they wanted in the latest mods and took time to apply these changes to threading, buttons, battery access, the screen, and more. Otherwise, the biggest differences are color and shape. Most are roughly the same dimensions, but there are tube and box mods and also some sold in a lot of vivid shades.

Size-wise, big technology is still small. It could get smaller if people didn’t mind using a magnifying glass to read their screen and a stylus to press buttons, but consumers do not want those kinds of features. They make vaping less and less natural. E cigs should possess technical complexity on the inside but offer consumers a user-friendly experience.

Using E Liquid in a DNA Box Mod

Now that you have opted to own a sub-ohm device, it makes little sense to vape with 60/40 juice (that is, more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin). Sub-ohms will do wonders with this juice, but your low-resistance coils are excellent for viscous e liquid from top names.