The vaping world just got very excited. After long anticipating the release of a Storz & Bickel portable device, they had let go of that dream. Storz & Bickel hadn’t given them any reason to hope for a long time, and then the Crafty came out alongside the Mighty, its bigger brother. Both are handheld, portable, wireless products and both are made by the people responsible for that benchmark in vaping perfection: the Volcano.

Finally, the day has arrived, but since Storz & Bickel’s move was quiet and unexpected, very few details are available. Here is all the information available so far.


Small Size

As you would imagine from a handheld product, the Crafty is compact, wireless, and light. Measurements are 11 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm. Compare that to your other handheld devices and you can see it is a convenient, discrete size. It only weighs about a third of a pound. Moreover, the Crafty is black: completely stealthy. Sides are rounded for comfort.

Crafty VaporizerMilitaristic Looks

Consumers might liken the Crafty to AR’s mechanical electronic cigarette mods which resemble tactical rifles. The Crafty’s entire case is covered in grooves which are sure to provide excellent grip and venting, but they also contrast with the sleek style of a Firefly or PAX.

Storz & Bickel has chosen function and safety over fancy attributes. If images convey materials with any accuracy, I would bet the exterior is made from silicone or some other material that withstands impact after being dropped from at least 6 feet.

Rotating Mouthpiece

Specifications are hazy on this part, but images appear to show a rotating mouthpiece. It is certainly mounted in one corner at an angle and looks like it could be made of silicone or rubber. While not as clean-tasting as glass, either would be soft, comfortable, and durable.

One can easily see a soldier stationed anywhere in the world with a Crafty Vaporizer in his pocket or holding it in his hands, not fearing what might happen if he drops it. It’s not a wimpy device.


The Crafty communicates by vibrating and using colored lights. A strip of light at the bottom tells the user when his device hits 180C: the LED light glows red. Turn it on by pressing a single button near the light, wait for the color to light up, then double-press to boost that value to 195C. An app supplied with the Crafty allows users to change pre-set temperatures in case these are too high or too low.

Filling Your Vaporizer

Although it is set up for use with herbs, a liquid pad comes in the package so you are able to vape essential oils instead. This is one good reason to re-set the temperature: oils like it hot, herbs prefer lower heat. People’s tastes are unique too, and only you know which temperature brings vapor to a place of perfect balance for your palate.

Storz & Bickel has engineered their small vaporizers to operate using convection which is an amazing feat; perhaps not so amazing given that German manufacturing is notably high tech and far ahead of the competition. No wonder consumers wanted Storz & Bickel to release portable vaporizers so badly. Convection creates even, tasty vapor.

Mighty VaporizerThe Mighty

Think of the Crafty as little sister to the Mighty, or like the Classic relative to a Volcano Digit. The Mighty is digitally controlled and boasts a beautiful, clear display screen. Buttons on either side bearing plus and minus signs allow the owner to raise or lower temperature while the screen shows set and actual temperatures.

The batteries charge level is indicated by a long bar below these figures. Since no one has had time to buy, use, or give a rating for either the Crafty or the Mighty, there is no telling what wonders they will reveal.

The Crafty Vaporizer Review

So far, here are some points you can take away while contemplating your next purchase of a Storz & Bickel device. First of all, this is an expensive portable vaporizer at around $400. That price provides a rechargeable battery, an herb mill, filling aid, liquid pad, charging implements, and three replacement screens.

Right off the bat consumers will have to determine their priorities: buy a gadget that will probably last for years or purchase a more affordable unit to last two years or less.

Having reviewed numerous portable items costing $150 to $300, I would have to say this is the highest price I have seen for a handheld vaporizer; yet, the Volcano Digit with an Easy Valve system is also the most expensive and best vaporizer available in the tabletop (or any) class so I didn’t expect Storz & Bickel to sell the cheapest portable vaping device.

Some portable best-sellers lose points for dying relatively quickly. A number of them create lightly tainted vapor owing to the materials used. Several are plagued by battery issues. Even so, there are a lot of 4- to 5-star ratings among them.

I have a feeling Storz & Bickel’s new products will lead customers to change their rating criteria or consumers will regret the high praise they gave to other models. Once they taste vapor produced by the Crafty, ideals will adjust. Vapers will learn how exceptionally flavorful vapor really can be.