Under $50

If you set your sites on a moderate power level and are not looking for a bulky, showy mod with lots of extra features, it is easy to find an authentic box mod costing less than $50. You will still have VW controls at your disposal, but the power range will go no higher than 50W. That should be enough to blow huge clouds but, more importantly, ample for setting temperatures to bring out the layers of flavor from gourmet e liquids like Blueprint, Clouds of Icarus, and Gemini. Take a look at what $50 or less will buy you.

Eleaf iStick

istick 50w

There isn’t a mod in this section that will cost more than $50; not even the 50W iStick. Choose anything from 10W to 50W depending on your goals and priorities. The 10W Mini is cute; like a novelty vaporizer, but not a wimp either. You will still get satisfaction from the baby of this group for $20 or less. An Eleaf iStick 50W lets you attach a 0.2-ohm atomizer, boasts one of the most attractive screens around, and comes in several colors. It is protected by a built-in control chip and is charged via the port you see on its frame. All iStick mods are pass-through vaporizers too.

KBOX by Kanger

Kanger tech kbox

Kanger’s 40W mod is now on sale for just $20 and up, thanks to the release of their Subox 60W mod. This cute, compact device inspired Kanger to develop their Subtank and it is still worth a look. Buy an 18650 battery and insert it for use at 8 to 40 watts. The highest value lets you operate at as low as 0.4 ohms of resistance. The Kbox protects your machine and atomizer against a short circuit, over-current, and other electrical mishaps. While most devices allow you to change watts at 0.1-watt increments, the Kanger Kbox comes with settings spaced by intervals of 5 watts.

Kamry 20W Mod

Kamry 20 watt box mod

You should be able to find an example of the Kamry 20W mod on sale for under $30 in black, black plaid, or silver. The plaid version resembles an Aspire CF but the shape is entirely different. Use this compact 2000-mAh device to fire a 0.3-ohm coil from a Kanger, Smok, or Aspire RTA. Its screen reads ohms and counts your puffs. Kamry is a reliable outfit in line with Eleaf, Kanger, and others.

Joye eGrip

JoyeTech EGrip

For a convenient combination of tank and control base, there is nothing better than the eGrip by JoyeTech. Their 1500-mAh machine goes up to 20 watts using a 360º dial for mechanical adjustment. View a 3.6-ml built-in tank through the window. The eGrip is not a sub-ohm unit, capable of just 1.5 ohms, but that is still going to give you lots of clouds if the juice is thick and you attach a quality tank. Besides: with the tank already inside, there is no other vaporizer as tidy and contained as the eGrip.


I was surprised that Semiyue’s SMY 50 watt temperature control mod would sell for so little money, but even the cost of temperature controlled devices is already dropping it would seem. Set this device up to run in VW or TC mode and view progress on the big front-mounted screen. When you choose TC mode, this affords you a range of temperature values to work with. Once your maximum is reached, the device regulates itself to maintain that value or fall below it. If you want to operate in TC mode, the atomizer in your well must contain a pure nickel coil, something you are finding more readily available as demand increases. With any coil the minimum resistance is 0.1 ohms: really low for under $50.