DNA 30 Chip

One of the best things that ever happened to the electronic vaping industry was the creation of a chip that goes into a box or tube to provide control and safety which was never available before. Until the invention of the intuitive DNA chip by Evolv, users were limited to about 15 watts of power, and while this was a stunning upgrade from variable voltage boxes and tubes or batteries with dials on the bottom and terribly limited variation options, 15 watts was just the beginning. It also did not enable a device to be used at sub-ohm resistance or provide as much protection as later models with the built-in chip would provide.

DNA 30 Chip Features

In spite of its small size, the DNA chip (which comes in sizes from 20 to 150 watts) is full of power and protection. If the battery is your device’s heart, then this chip is its nerve center; the brain of an e cig. It keeps track of how many volts the battery is producing and registers the resistance of your atomizer which, before now, one needed a separate device to read. You might still want to use a reader before attaching a tank wrapped to less than 1ohm, but DNA 30 mods can handle as low as 0.5 ohms in many cases.

They also protect your battery and circuitry from problems like a short circuit, low or high voltage, low atomizer resistance, and inserting the battery wrong way round. Any of these issues could destroy a lesser machine. With a DNA mod, not only does the chip read values, it takes action, shutting down a device before anything bad can happen.

Usually there’s a screen on your mod: I haven’t seen one without, but the screen is not a feature of the DNA chip. With the chip installed, it seems common sense to have a screen showing all of the values as your chip reads them. Another one of these is the charge remaining on your battery.

On the Outside

You can see a lot is going on inside your mod but what does this type of e cig look like on the outside? It can be box-shaped or a tube. Many items introduced in 2014 are a cross between the tube and the box with elements of both creating unique designs. A box is not necessary but more common than a tube-shaped DNA 30 or any size of DNA mod.

Threading is usually 510, often with an adjustable pin in place to allow consumers to choose from a wider assortment of tanks. If you use a box-shaped mod the type of tank is less important than it would be if you were using a tube. In that case, users usually like the tank and tube to be the same width so they fit neatly together like a single unit.

Pricing for DNA Mods

The Hana Modz costs about $200, but iPV and Cloupor mods cost around $100. The Hana Modz is made in the US, however, so if you are concerned about sending your money to China with every e cig purchase, buy the Hana Modz. It also contains the Evolv Chip, not a clone.