Best Vape Pens

Vape pens are controversial devices designed to give consumers a tar-free, chemical-free way to smoke. We all know some people will never give up on having something to puff; an item to hold between two fingers.

Some people need that habit. Without it they are grumpy, they eat too much, and they would soon find some other addictive behavior to fill their time. While addiction of any kind is a bad sign, if you’re going to be addicted to anything, vape pens offer a solution to the dangers of smoking.

Top E-Liquid Vaporizer Pen

VaporFi Platinum ProThe VaporFi Platinum Pro – Best Starter Vaping Pen – $60

This is the top seller of the line of vaporizers at VaporFi.

As they state on their website, and as I have found from using one, this is a simple to use, yet powerful device, both in battery life and vapor production.

It is very aesthetically pleasing with its nice silver finish


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South Beach Smoke Custom BuilderDo You Like Options? (For E-Liquid)

South Beach Smoke has just released a game changer in the world of e-juice pens – their custom vaporizer builder.

This is an amazing concept and I haven’t seen anything like it, but essentially you can pick and choose your tank and battery, in not only the color, but also the shape of the battery, and options such as variable voltage, as well as tank options, such as adjustable airflow etc.

If you’ve ever wanted to switch things up, with a different tank, and weren’t sure if there would be compatibility issues with the threading etc., this is your dream come true!

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South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice


Vaporfi rocketBest Advanced Pen (E-Juice)

Vapor Fi Rocket – $120

This is perfect for someone looking to fine tune their e-juice vaping experience.

Features variable voltage and adjustable airflow.

Powered by a 1600mAh battery, and comes with 5 extra atomizers.

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Best 3-in-1 Device (E-Juice, Herbs & Wax)

V2 Pro Series 3V2 Pro Series 3 – $70

Looking to have your pick of either e-liquids, herbs, and then wax on occasion?

Look no further than the V2 Pro Series 3 – 3-in-1 Vaporizer Pen.

This is an amazing device. Both the charger, and the cartridges are held in magnetically, rather than threaded, which is just so cool!

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Dry Herb (and Wax)

Atmos Pens

Atmos RXPictured is The AtmosRX Dry Herb Kit (The improved Atmos Raw) – $120

This is a well-known brand for those looking to for something to take care of their loose leaf  vaping needs (and they have devices for oils and wax).

Uses: dry herb and wax concentrates

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Vaporfi OrbitBest Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

VaporFi Orbit – $100

Once again, VaporFi has done it again!

They just released the Orbit dry herb vaporizer.

(For those of you who like the G-Pro style device, this is for you)

This is a very affordable, sharp looking device for your dry herb vape needs.


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The Best Dry Herb Pens

The trouble with a pen vape is that it might not vaporize herbs; actually, it could easily burn them. If you set out to create vapor, this goes against all the things you wanted from a product and is a huge disappointment.

The best dry herb pens manage to avoid this problem, or they can if you learn their little tricks. Here is a selection of pen vapes customers have found reliable for vaporizing — not burning — their herbs.

Please take note: a cheap pen vape is what I just said: cheap. Consider paying a bit more than you anticipated, say about $80+, and the result will be a satisfying product you can operate safely and enjoyably for a year or more until the built-in battery runs out of juice.

V2 Pro Series 3V2 Pro Series 3

Larger versions of V2’s 3-in-1 vaporizer are too big to belong to the “pen vapes” class, but the Pro Series 3 is plenty small and compact to be included here.

The V2 Pro Series 3 is an eGo-style pen vaporizer that works with e liquid, herbs, or wax. Cartridges slide into a chamber to attach magnetically and the base reads a signal on each chamber.

This is how it automatically determines what temperature to set. You won’t believe how much vapor it’s possible to achieve out of a stick.


The Source Dry Herb Hitter

The great news about the Source herbal pen vape is that their coils are top of the line: titanium instead of NiChrome. They are durable, in other words, and less likely to produce a burnt taste and smell. You may choose your own temperature too.


SkyCloud Vaporizer by Kandypens

Vapers need to be aware that there is always the risk of burning pens, even with an excellent herbal vape pen. Inserting glass screens can mitigate or prevent burning, but that’s not always the case.

Depending on whose reviews you read, it is possible that all you need is to pay attention, in which case this item could be just the colorful pen you are looking for. Some customers say it can’t be done; others argue otherwise and that it’s all in the timing.

A SkyCloud uses the aforementioned glass screens which are sold separately and the pen looks gorgeous in its various colors.


Atmos Boss

Here is a brand that has managed to achieve success with various models, including the Atmos Raw which is the predecessor of the Boss. Heat up in about 40 seconds to 385 degrees: enough for hot vapor without combustion. Its 1600-mAh rechargeable battery holds a lot of power and helps to create reams of vapor.



Nothing on the market today except the Puffit (which resembles an inhaler) has been designed to so closely mimic the appearance of something ordinary. The Grasshopper could be a stainless steel pen; the nice kind your boss gave you when you retired. Release is set for this spring. In the meantime, think about saving up and waiting until you see it. The Grasshopper is light. It heats up in a flash. Recharging should take about a minute: it’s hard to say since I’m forecasting based on reviews of an item that is yet to be released.


Cloud V Phantom

A phantom is another term for a ghost; a specter. It blends into shadow and can be misinterpreted as a trick of the light. The Cloud V Phantom goes along this line of description and is equally stealthy and easy to overlook, as though dancing shadows caused bystanders to start seeing things. The black mouthpiece looks very much like a real cigarette filter, but you hold on to a slightly thicker, black body unlike a cigarette; one made using a material that is comfortable between your fingers. It holds a decent amount of herbs for such a small unit. When the light is blue, you know it’s time to vape. Expect to enjoy around ¾ of an hour per battery charge and quick heating, though sometimes too much heat. One thing pen-users love about the Cloud V Phantom is its durable build which suggests the pen will still be around when next year’s reviews and new versions of all these devices are released.

Honorable Mentions

This is an exploding industry with unprecedented growth, and there are many MANY really nice products out there.

Here’s a few more for your consideration:

For Herbs, Waxes and Oils

White Rhino TrifectaWhite Rhino Trifecta – $146

This is a beautiful  3-in-1 device by the well known brand White Rhino

Uses: Wax, Oil and Herbs

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For Waxes and Oils

Atmos Junior PenAtmos Junior – $80

This is a sharp device from the legendary line of Atmos Pens

Uses: Wax

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Glamorous Items

They aren’t ugly like cigarettes either. For one thing, cigarettes stain teeth and skin. They leave ugly smells around them which hang in the air even after a consumer has left his smoking spot. His clothes reek with the odor of cigarettes, and even menthols smell bad. Face it: smoking isn’t glamorous the way it has been portrayed in movies and advertisements.

Vape pens, however, are elegant devices. Even the ones that look like analogs are tipped with LED lights (unless you want stealth), sometimes even crystal-tipped for extra glamour. They do not create a smell, or if anyone associates odor with vape pens, it is usually a nice aroma. Bystanders smell what the vaper smells: tobacco, menthol, grapes, cherries, etc.

The outer shell comes in rubber-coated or shiny metal colors, not just black, steel, white, and orange. There are pink, purple, iridescent, midnight blue, and many other shades. The invention of wraps has made it possible to use the same device daily, recharge it as normal, but alter its appearance. Stripes, polka dots, swirls, animal prints, and flowers: those are some of the many designs available today. They do not adhere to an e-cig so they cause no damage when being removed.

Drip tips for vape pens are also created in numerous shapes. A lot of them are factory made multiples like vases, pawns, and skulls. A few companies create custom drip tips made from glass, each one unique. Every imaginable color is available.

Companies like Vapor Couture specialize in creating pens for women who want everything they own to be stylish, including their vaping devices. They make pens in 4 rich colors and cartridges to match. They also sell accessories, like a case or a clutch, to rival anything that shows up during London Fashion Week.

Quit the Nicotine

If you hit on the right company, it is possible to buy e-liquid sold in increments of 2mg. Start at 36mg and slowly wean your way down to zero without having to jump too far and land painfully. Quitting nicotine is like giving up any other drug: some people manage an instant cut-off with lots of support, but many individuals need to take a gradual route.

This means you can enjoy any flavor of nicotine juice you like with a lot of nicotine, a little bit, or none. That includes tobacco and menthol flavors.

Complicated Stuff

If you thought all vaping devices were made equally and that the only differences were packaging and mark up, think again. A cheap vape tank, for instance, cannot be taken apart. If the wick dries out while the tube is still in good shape, the whole thing has to be chucked out.

A rebuildable vape pen comes with more features. Top and bottom caps screw on and off. The atomizer, wick, and coil are removable and replaceable, either for replacing worn parts or to reset resistance.

Vape pens are powered by a rechargeable battery which heats up an atomizer. This is like a stove warming the liquid in your pen to just the point where it will vaporize: not boil or burn, but become water droplets forming clean white clouds the user inhales.

Favorite Brands of Vape Pens

Right now the picture is this: for mini cigs, top manufacturers include V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image, Cigavette, Halo, and South Beach Smoke. In a top ten list, they might be joined by Eversmoke, Vapor Zone, Volcano, and others. The rankings change regularly as companies improve their products or new names come along.

When you are looking specifically for tank systems, brands include Vapor Zone, Volcano, Halo Cigs, Innokin, JoyeTech, and SmokTech. These are not the most expensive models. That designation belongs to designer mechanical vaping pens, modifiable devices created for confident vapers only.

Accessories for Vape Pens

On generalist websites where e-cigs and liquids are sold, you will also notice a whole load of other headings. They include parts, tanks, clearomizers, atomizers, coils, cases, and more. Expect to get excited about vape pens and even to make a hobby out of taking them apart, cleaning, maintaining, and learning about them.

The best way to become an expert is not by reading articles and watching Youtube videos but by purchasing a pen and experimenting with it. Of course there are safety issues to unpack before you start, but once you understand the basics, it’s a lot of fun to investigate up close.

Pricing and Vape Pens

Chinese manufacturing ensures that vape pens from most companies are cheaply made. A few American manufacturers, such as Apollo, might have to charge more, but they give you something you want: nationally made products, not just nationally assembled goods. There’s a difference, so read descriptions with care.

A vape pen resembling a cigarette costs from $15 to $30 for the complete unit, charger, two filters, and the whole pen. That top price is better spent on an easy eGo with a charger, except you have to buy e-liquid which is priced per 5ml or more, anything from $4 to $24 for certain boutique 15ml bottles.

How to Vape

Cigalikes are just like cigarettes. Don’t press anything, just puff. To use a manual vaporizer, press the button to heat the juice and start puffing. You will get used to this action quickly.

When vapor production is uneven, check your level of e-liquid. Top up or, if the battery light indicator suggests it’s time to recharge, add a new battery and recharge the other. The process is simple and, in the long term, cheaper than cigarettes.