Aura RX

According to the makers of Aura RX vaporizers, their device is the World #1 Vape Leader. Their website doesn’t say what this notion is based on: sales statistics, the number of countries their product is sold in, profitability, or reviews, for instance.

Their website says nothing about the device itself and appears to be in development, but they say this is a rechargeable, stylish vaporizer. Emphasis is firmly on how stylish the Aura RX is. This American company was founded by Jackie Lombardi.

aurarx.comWhere Can I Buy the Aura RX?

Search for the Aura RX on Got Vape and Vape World in vain: that worries me. A legitimate, proven product usually finds its way to a few online superstores, not just eBay. You’ll see it there for about $69.

This is also the best place to find information about the Aura RX. It has a ceramic heating chamber and comes with a spring, mesh filter, chamber connector, cleaning brush, packing tool, wall adapter, USB charger, rubber mouthpiece, and a manual.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery (or most successful con)

Neither the Aura RX website nor eBay mentions how much this device resembles another vaporizer; a popular device bearing a similar name, the same colors, and a higher price tag. You probably guessed already, but the Aura RX looks identical to the Atmos RX and is, in many ways, the same device.

But the Atmos RX (or Atmos Raw as it is otherwise known) is a highly-rated, popular device with a good record. What do we know about the Aura version? Virtually nothing is available online and I would suggest there is good reason to give this brand a wide berth for now. Perhaps Lombardi has produced a cheaper version of the Atmos product without sacrificing quality, but don’t be the guinea pig that finds out either way.

Negatives: Aura RX Review

There might also be some negatives to buying an Atmos-like product. The Atmos Raw or RX is known for being a combustion device. It’s a pen vape, so herbs are heated directly and the heat gets going quickly. As a result, even if you wanted vapor you might get smoke. If the Aura RX is built to be like the Atmos RX, this could pose a problem for the consumer who was trying to get away from combustion.

Warranty Wariness

What, then, would happen if you needed to claim warranty on the product? Considering their Facebook page is almost absent of activity, I’m not sure there would be anyone available to help you out. The owners are not being very social or available. I’d need to see more positives besides classy looks before buying an Aura vaporizer.