Atmos Transporter

Consumers have come to recognize the shape of a flask; that little silver bottle one can wear at his belt for holding a nip of brandy or whiskey. Someone with a flask in his possession expects to need a drop of something strong at any given time during the day and could be an alcoholic.

The Art of Public Deception

But somehow, the people at Atmos think vapers would rather be thought of as drinkers than vapers. Strangely, they would be right. It is a mainstream choice to walk around with a convenient stash of alcohol. Not so carrying a vaping device in public, even if it only contains tobacco instead of weed. Being seen with a cigarette between your fingers is only slightly worse in the eyes of uninitiated passersby: at least they know a cigarette isn’t for getting high.

How odd that one vice would be compared to another in this way, even though vaporizers are saving lives. With an Atmos Transporter, the smoker can reduce his inhalation of deadly chemicals by up to 80% and still get a nic-fix. Yet consumers would rather he was getting drunk. It’s sad, really.

The Atmos Transporter Vaporizer Review

This is the first dry herb vaporizer by Atmos in the sense that herbs are not heated by an exposed coil. The Atmos RX has a reputation for combusting herbs instead of vaporizing them, which is a common problem with pen vapes. Combustion defeats the purpose of buying a vaporizer.

The Atmos Transporter gives vapers a more reliable option. This heating chamber is fully embedded: no coil is exposed from the oven so it heats herbs directly without burning. This is an Atmos Transporterimprovement over their RX and other pen-style vapes which you pay for, but the price is not much higher than what you handed over for an RX and a lot less than you pay for a PAX, DaVinci Ascent, or Firefly.

Those other three are more sophisticated (and they should be at about $250). Plenty has been written about them and they are extremely popular devices. This Atmos offering has not yet received many reviews and hasn’t developed the fan base its competitors are enjoying, but with time there will be plenty of comments from consumers to peruse and compare. Vapers like and trust the Atmos brand.

Getting Inside your Vaporizer

The bottom cap of your “flask” swivels out to reveal a chamber for herbs: turn it upside down to fill them. A top portion unscrews to reveal a rubber mouthpiece. You could compare the Atmos Transporter to a box mod in terms of size: 3.25″ by 2.25″ by 1″.

There is just one button to activate heating and the overall weight you carry around is less than ½ a pound (not including herbs, which weigh next to nothing). It is portable, stealthy, and classy: a masculine type of gift. Grinding herbs is recommended for efficient vaporizing of all your herbs, but don’t tamp them down too tightly. Many vape shops supply a free grinder when you order online.

A fully charged Lithium Ion battery should last about 2 days, but that will depend on how often you puff, how hard, and whether you turn off the device when it is not in use. Reviews I have read so far don’t mention an automatic shut-off timer although I suspect one is built in. They usually are. Check this fact. Find someone with their own Transporter. Information is thin on the ground and I couldn’t locate any consumer reports; just editorials by vaping experts who like this model in its price range.

On the Outside

Scratch-resistant anodized material insulates the oven but also protects the exterior of your Atmos Transporter. Insulation allows it to heat up in about 45 seconds. Rounded sides soften the exterior. An LED indicator light discretely shows when your device is turned on (green) and when it is ready to vape (red). There does not appear to be a screen, and if settings are offered I could not discover them.

Anodized, insulated machines like this one tend to be rugged and withstand a lot of knocking. You can be fairly sure it will take some considerable bad luck to wreck the Transporter: dropping it won’t do the trick.

Easy to Clean

One of the most tedious parts of a vaping habit is cleaning the vaporizer. Cigarettes were easy by comparison: you just lit up and smoked, replacing a lighter periodically. Vaporizer kits come with cleaning utensils because they must be cleaned out to work effectively and safely for a long time.

The Atmos Transporter is easy to clean. You will find a cleaning brush in its package with a rubber mouthpiece, metal cap, charger, and loading tool. A Transporter sells for about $165. That price will provide you with long-lasting performance if you look after your handheld vaporizer.

Wrapping It Up

Pictures show a really beautiful item: I just hope beauty is not merely skin deep in this instance. Atmos is an innovator, always coming out with something new. Just beware the places you buy an Atmos Transporter: stick with reputable dealers and pay full price.

That will secure a warranty, customer support, and a true Atmos product that is brand new. Consider this as an affordable Christmas gift for someone you love that will not give up tobacco for e liquid but might consider an herbal alternative he can fit into a pocket and carry around; a device like the Transporter.