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The Roll Call for Atmos products sounds a bit like a family lineup with the Atmos Junior in there. Maybe this is like a family, or Atmos has become an important name in your family because of what it has done for your lungs. Testimonials often point to that one important aspect of vaporizing: that it is so much better for a person’s body than smoking was. Atmos is a big part of the new culture of smokeless smoking.

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Atmos RXAtmos Vaporizer Pen Types

Atmos makes the RX (or Raw), the Junior, the R2, and the Optimus. Their line even includes e liquid pens which act a lot like herbal vaporizers and look much the same, but they vaporize e liquid instead of herbs or concentrates. The Atmos website is full of products, such as their disposable e cigs and e hookahs.

But Atmos is most popular for their Atmos Raw, a vaporizer that is not a vaporizer it turns out. I find this confusing and misleading, so we’ll get into that with a review of the Atmos Raw specifically.

Atmos RX (Raw): Made to Burn

The people at Atmos claim the Raw was not designed to vaporize herbs. It was created to burn them. I am a little unclear on this: is the point of a vaporizer to create vapor or not? And if you are simply burning tobacco, isn’t that smoking? Where does the vapor come into the equation?

Atmos would say it does not. There has been a misunderstanding in the vaping community where the Atmos Raw often features among vapor pens, usually to acclaim. On the other hand there are reams of letters complaining about the way Atmos Raw pens burn herbs. This negatively affects their smell and flavor.

The company’s response has been to supply glass screens to customers who want them. These separate herbs from the heating element enough to prevent burning, but they might also stiffen the draw.

Another way to prevent overheating herbs is to pay very close attention to timing. When you press the button to start heating your element, it takes just seconds to go from cold to overly hot. If you can keep a lid on temperature, the device will vaporize herbs (and concentrates) the way you like them. You can pay up to $200 for an Atmos Raw or as little as $150.

Atmos OptimusThe Atmos Optimus

This is a different looking piece of gear with a clearomizer that isn’t as discrete; more like an e cig pen. The shape is right though. The Optimus accommodates herbs and oils: perhaps it would also work with e liquids.

A $70 kit comes with a battery, cartridge, case, and charger. It is so much cheaper that customers (and rightly so) will want to know what is so special about the RX or Raw that they would have to pay $150 for.

The Raw comes apart into three sections. The Optimus uses three if you count the mouthpiece. It is a 510 kit, referring to threading, so you should be able to attach a variety of cartridges/clearomizers onto the device besides the one Atmos supplies.

Atmos JuniorThe Atmos Junior: Baby of the Family

RX or Raw models are portable and stealthy but not nearly as small as the Junior. If you thought it was cramped inside the RX pen, wait until you see the chamber on an Atmos Junior. The entire device is about two-thirds the size of its daddy but otherwise appears to be the same item at a lower price scale.

All you do is open the tiny chamber and drop in herbs or concentrates. The chamber is made from ceramics which is an excellent medium, providing a clean taste and even heating.

Kit for the Atmos Raw or Junior

With your package, expect to receive cleaning and packing tools, a charging kit (this is a rechargeable device, the bottom portion being a battery cell), rubber mouthpiece, a mesh filter, and a ceramic filter. You have five color choices: grey, black, blue, purple, or green. Keep your vaporizer pen clean and it will last you a good while.

Thoughts on Performance

I have mentioned the issue of burning, but there are lots of positives which cause Atmos products to fly off of shelves in a hurry. First, this is a wind-proof device. Many customers notice that it works equally well on a windy day as it does on a calm one. If you live in Chicago this makes a big difference.

Another bonus is battery life. Although you have to allow up to three hours for charging, the battery performs for a long time afterwards. You might have noticed that a lot of other products run out of steam after 2 hours, but the Atmos is a power house.

With concentrates this is your best friend. Consumers especially rave about the thick vapor they achieve with concentrates, more so than when they use herbs. If you thought it was just okay with plant materials, try the Atmos with a dab of something. It will really prove its worth.

A negative side effect of heating up really quickly and overheating herbs until they catch fire is that an Atmos vaporizer pen can become very hot. Concentrates need a higher setting than herbs do, but the down sides are that your pen could be hot to hold and that vapor might be harsh. Once you are used to the pen, controlling its temperature will become easier. In the meantime, there are mouthpieces you can add which filter the air so it is cooler by the time you inhale it.

Numbers do not lie: Atmos products line shelves for a short time and then wind up on back order. Retailers can’t keep them stocked. Customers love this award-winning brand and are always eager to find out what the company is doing next. In this young industry, with so much room for improvement, I do not imagine Atmos is done inventing new ways to get great flavor and vapor out of pen-sized devices. They won’t get much smaller, but quality will improve.