Atmos Liv

Numerous pen-style vapes by V2 Cigs, Trippy Stix, and others have adopted the look of e cigs. They do not work with the same materials but operate in the same way: by heating materials using a coil powered by a battery. The two sides of this industry — vaping with e liquids and vaporizing materials like tobacco and waxy oils — have frequently crossed over.

Atmos is one company that designs both types of electronic devices. But the Atmos Liv Vaporizer is not like e cig pens; it resembles the box mod format. While not exactly the same, it boasts several similarities. Atmos, with their line of electronic cigarettes, seems the right company to adopt the box-shaped style of vape mod.


Atmos LivAtmos Liv Vaporizer Overview

Externally, at least, there is the shape they share in common: a rectangular box with rounded sides. Box mods come in numerous shapes, including those with soft features.

The Liv has a large domed firing button: the only button on the mod. There are two ports: one full-sized, the other a micro-USB port.

Why two ports you ask?

The Atmos Liv is both a vaporizer and a power bank. It can be used to charge your MP3 player, etc. when its battery is fully charged.

That’s like the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 except the Liv is bigger. It measures 1.25 inches by 4.5 inches by 4 inches.

At about $90, it’s also cheaper to buy the MVP, but not if you want to use wax or herbs. Pictures show two entries at the top which could be the chamber and a place for the mouthpiece to thread on. That would make sense. A sliding door moves back and forth over them so as to provide access when needed.

The mouthpiece appears to be made of metal. I don’t like that too much. A metal mouthpiece is bound to become hot, and that means you burn your lips when vaping. This must be a relatively new offering from Atmos because there is still very little information online: few reviews or editorials.

In the Box

A package containing the Atmos Liv box also comes with a packing tool, charger, cleaning brush, and a mouthpiece. Descriptions did not say if the battery was removable, but with two USB ports it looks like one of them could be used for charging the Liv. Is this a pass-through device too? The signs are good.

Aesthetics of the Atmos Liv

Choose a version in one of four colors. They have blue, black, green, or silver to offer you. They don’t have metallic red orange, yellow, etc. like Hana Modz offers, but you were trying to be discrete anyway.

Atmos Liv Review: Some Concerns

Apart from the general lack of information available, my biggest concern is that consumers will be duped into buying clones of the Atmos Liv. Its shape lends itself to copying. All that would be lacking is the big logo on one side, but an unwary customer might not notice.

There are many DIY companies making the box pieces for these items while unskilled hands are responsible for many faulty, cheap, $20 vaporizers already floating around in multiple styles. Although there is no warranty behind these items, consumers are lured by the low price and wind up with mods that don’t work or, worse still, cause accidents. If wiring is faulty or there are no protective features to limit amps/volt, etc. (the Liv is a 110-volt mod), your homemade portable vaporizer could catch fire.

But customers in this industry should know better already. Atmos products are plastered all over eBay: don’t shop there. Pick a reputable vaporizer dealer; one that has received excellent reviews for customer service. As a power bank, the Liv is worth paying more for.

A benefit of purchasing the Liv is the smooth draw you enjoy. Vapers are pleased with the results. Use the items included in your package to keep it clean and this item will provide many hours of vaping pleasure on a battery which, if not taxed by other items needing its USB power, will last for days on a single charge. That kind of all-purpose power is very difficult to clone.

Alternatives to the Atmos Liv

If you like Atmos but don’t want a box, they also make the Transporter: a flask-shaped vaporizer. The Transporter costs $70 more than the Liv and is also very classy. Atmos makes pen mods and portable devices of varying descriptions. Their R2 handheld vaporizer sells for around $140. Vapor Seller is among vendors of the brand and these items.

For a version of the box shape with more protective features, try a DNA box mod with a built-in protective chip set by VaporShark, VaporFi, Cloupor, and others. They are threaded for 510 tanks, allowing a wax vaporizer tank to attach if threaded likewise. Cloupor also makes atomizers specifically for use with waxy oils.