Arizer V-Tower

Of course a good vaporizer has come out of Canada. BC, in particular, is known as a “weed” capital. Even though vaporizers have multiple uses, this is what a lot of people think of when they imagine someone with a vaporizer.

But you will be pleasantly surprised by the V-Tower. This tabletop device by Arizer also creates aromatic vapor just to freshen up a room or promote relaxation. It’s made for smokers and anyone who likes a nice-smelling room.

Arizer Basics

All of Arizer’s products share certain similarities. They are made with stainless steel housing and a double wall to insulate inner machinery. This double wall is doubly useful, insulating the heater and protecting vapers’ hands from heat.

Arizer products are made with as many glass parts as possible. For the low cost (about $150), not everything can be stainless steel or glass — there is some plastic — but glass creates a clean and fresh tasting vapor. Users report that the plastic parts are too far from their heat source to be affected by heat or to release toxic vapors. No metal forms part of the heating element either. A ceramic-only heater promotes clean vapor because, like glass, this material is inert.

Arizer V-TowerThe Arizer V-Tower Review

Arizer’s V-Tower is advertised as portable, and it is if you are just trying to carry it from place to place. It isn’t heavy, but with a cord attached this is not designed for use as a portable vaporizer. Simply transporting it is no problem.

It comes with a 3-ft whip which sounds long, but you will love the way it cools vapor. Some devices rely on a cooling coil and that makes a device more compact, but the whip ensures cool, smooth vapor ends up in your mouth. Although the tube is known to become tangled and easily disentangled, a shorter whip would make it hard to share the vapor without being crushed against its small black and silver body and each other.

Made for use with 110- or 220-volt systems, this is an international beauty. As you might have noticed, European electrical outlets operate at a higher voltage. Arizer is ready for a worldwide audience.

The V-Tower’s auto-timer shuts the device off after 2 or 4 hours at your bidding. Digital controls allow you to set the time and the temperature, while a big blue screen shows the temperature you set in Celsius or Fahrenheit as well as the actual temperature. Use the controls to set your fan speed to a quiet hum or a higher pitch. Arizer has been working on quieting the fan so it doesn’t annoy users.

Arizer V-Tower Starter Kit

Each kit comes with the tube, glass stirring tool, two screens, a glass cyclone bowl, and 1 glass potpourri dish. A small potpourri sample is also provided. The cyclone dish sits upright above its heater and is wide enough to facilitate even and effective heating. Watch products as they vaporize.

You get a rotating glass whip and removable mouthpiece, so if you are sharing, this can be taken off for a friend to add hers to the tube. That way, you are not sharing germs with vapor.

Fabulous Vapor Production

As promised, thanks to the use of glass and ceramic parts, the Arizer V-Tower produces clean vapor and lots of it. This is tasty stuff; thick and very smooth. Even when used as a purely aromatic vaporizer, you will notice the lack of toxic fumes in the air. Consumers note there are better machines, but not for $150 and the difference is marginal.

The cone shape is only gently tapered, silver against a thick black base. The whole unit is sturdy and excellent value. Companies known for selling only the best stuff carry Arizer products such as this one, their Arizer Extreme Q with a remote control, and the fully portable Arizer Solo.

Amazing Warranty

Arizer promises that you will never be out of pocket replacing the heating element. Their 30-year warranty makes sure of that. Unless you plan to stick with old technology as it will come to be known in 30 years, there’s little chance of needing to replace the heating element after that time. Every piece can be replaced so the device is not useless if one part breaks down.