Arizer Solo

Before we get down to the nitty gritty about the Arizer Solo, I want to draw your attention to how beautiful this device is. Just look at it. Its tall, slim figure and super-model good looks make it a must-have item for the house-proud consumer. Being black or silver, it goes with everything. An LCD display shows off its high-tech qualities too, so it’s more than beautiful; the Arizer Solo is functional.

Arizer SoloArizer Solo Review

Let’s take a closer look at this Canadian vaporizer. It is a portable device, but not tiny. If you want something you can stow in your pocket, the Magic Flight Launch Box, Pax by Ploom, or Firefly would be better for you. Like these items, however, the Arizer Solo is fully portable.

It’s not as discrete being 4.5″ tall; it’s for showing off. To carry the Solo around you want a case, not a pouch, but that’s okay: it’s not heavy. The case will protect your Solo from damage, although it is made to be tough and scratch-resistant.

Charging the Arizer Solo

This is a battery-operated unit. Give yourself 4 hours to charge the batteries fully: they might not need that long, but it’s better to overestimate than to underestimate timing. Once fully charged, they last for up to 2 hours. You will get more out of batteries when they run at lower temperatures.

Heating the Arizer Solo

There are 7 temperature settings. Choose from 50C to 210C or 122F to 410F. An auto shut-off feature will turn the device off after 2 or 4 hours if you leave it unattended. Use digital controls to precisely control the temperature and to view settings.

The heating chamber is made from ceramics. This is a neutral, non-toxic material. Your vapor will smell and taste like you intended it to.

LED Display

A bright display shows all kinds of lights: your ideal temperature and the pre-set temperature, charging and heating. While not instant, heating requires only a short time: about 4 minutes for full heat. It’s long enough to get your herbs or essential oils organized.

The Structure of an Arizer Solo

An Arizer Solo is encased in food-grade stainless steel. What this means is that the device is insulated to promote speedy heating and slow loss of heat. Heat is retained inside: it doesn’t come through to your hands when you hold it.

Arizer Solo with bent glass mouthpieceGlass Parts

Alongside stainless steel and ceramics, the Arizer Solo uses glass for the whip. The whip is long to facilitate cooling so that vapor is smooth and tasty. Replacement tubes are available, but your Arizer comes with two pieces plus the charging cord and dish.

What Can Be Vaporized with an Arizer Solo?

The Arizer Solo is a multi-purpose machine. Use it to steam aromatic blends so as to create a lovely aroma in your home. Use it to vaporize herbs or essential oils for personal use. With one device costing $224, you own the healthier alternative to smoking, one you can take anywhere you go. The Arizer Solo does not come with any materials.

Extra Features

Mouthpieces are interchangeable, so you don’t have to keep the same one on for every person who uses the device. If you are sharing, allow each person to use his or her own mouthpiece to prevent sharing germs as well as vapor.

Accessories from Arizer

Arizer carries multiple charging devices to accompany your vaporizer. Purchase a power pack so it can come with you on long journeys. Pick up a charger and an adapter so you never run out of power.

Accessories from Other Companies

If you buy an Arizer Solo from one of the major online retailers, they usually provide a free grinder. Other than that you need cleaning tools and screens, a carry case, herbal materials, replacement parts.

Use those cleaning tools regularly. A clean vaporizer benefits the consumer because vapor tastes and smells better than a dirty one. It is not tainted with the stale remainder of other sessions. It also operates safely and smoothly. Particles remaining in a vaporizer can cause it to clog up and overheat, or not produce the heat you want. With that upright cyclone bowl to ensure even heat distribution, you do not want to spoil a vaping session by neglecting your machine.

Good Looks

Let’s return to the issue of looks. Each temperature setting is numbered down the front of the device with a bulb next to it like a series of buttons down a shirt. At the top there are two lights: one to mark when the device is heating, the other for charging. Its symmetrical design and long shape are extremely pleasing.

Where Can One Buy an Arizer Solo?

The Arizer Solo is sold wherever you can find excellent quality vaporizers. It is carried online by the company but also at Got Vape, Vape World, and others. You might see it on eBay, but buying it from here is not recommended. Though $224 is well below the price of some high-end box mods, you don’t want to fool around with your hard earned cash. Arizer and authorized distributors offer a full warranty.

Also from Arizer

Designers at Arizer are busy bees, always improving their mods. The Arizer Extreme is particularly interesting because it comes with something I have never seen anywhere else: a remote control. Digital controls are featured on the face of the unit, but using a remote control provides more freedom. The Extreme could be your tabletop device, and the Solo your traveling model.

All Arizer products are made to the same standards, using stainless steel, glass, and ceramics. Each one is built to be sturdy and reliable. With its clean vapor and sleek looks, no wonder the Solo is a fan favorite all over North America.