Arizer Extreme Q

Nothing is going to live up to the Volcano by Storz & Bickel and many reviews pit the Arizer Extreme Q against its Germany rival. But the Canadians don’t mind these kinds of comparisons; Canadians are too laid back to be resentful.

Customers aren’t worried either: the average person can’t drop $600 on a vaporizer. What Arizer offers is an alternative to the Volcano at half the price but with dual-delivery systems and some extras the Volcano doesn’t have. For $239, you would be stingy to complain.

Extreme QOn the Outside

This is a tall cone, narrower and taller than the Volcano, and black, not silver. The Arizer Extreme Q appears to be sitting on a dinner plate which is the base supplied for stability and as a place to rest your remote control when your vaporizer is not in use.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review: Version 4.0

Every so often this device gets an overhaul and Arizer does something to improve it. Customers make comments and the company listens. Today’s device is quieter than before with three fan speeds, not particularly loud.

In fact, some people say these fans are not quite powerful enough but are willing to sacrifice power for silence. The fan is what fills a balloon attached to the hot air generator. Customers who need help inhaling vapor like this feature because it supplies vapor effortlessly.

But there is also the direct draw option using a long whip. All you do is put the mouthpiece in your mouth and draw: simple. Use a remote control to turn your generator on or off, to set a fan speed if you need it, and to raise or lower the temperature.

Four buttons on the front piece of the Arizer Extreme Q allow you to do that manually too. Values come up on the LED screen which is fairly large and bright.

An auto timer can be set for up to 4 hours after you start vaping. This will ensure the vaporizer is turned off if you forget about it. While you don’t have to worry about wasting battery power (this is a corded machine), it is possible to overheat the Arizer and to waste electricity. Ensure optimal performance with regular cleaning.

What Comes in the Box with an Arizer Extreme Q 4.0?

Inside your box you will find a remote control, hot air generator, two balloon kits, two mouthpieces, and more. There is a whip, potpourri dishes, two cyclone bowls, two screen packs, a glass stir tool, and a cord. This is a desktop, mains-powered unit operating at 110 volts. Generally, clients are pleased with what they get for $240.

More Ways to Use the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0

Most vaporizers are designed as personal vaping devices. The Arizer Extreme Q is a multi-functional device. Set a bowl with flowers on the top and vaporize them to deodorize a room or make it smell pleasant for the sake of a nice aroma. Use it as a mineral diffuser or steamer. Customers who buy the Arizer Extreme Q are not necessarily using it for vaping or they switch between vaping and steaming/diffusing.

Thoughts on the Extreme Q

Many reports about the Extreme Q remote controlled vaporizer I read were dated back to 2011, so it’s important to read dates as Arizer has improved their Extreme Q since those early reviews came out. Certain issues, like requiring a lengthy heat-up time, continue to be a problem.

This is only an issue, though, for impatient people who are given to believe the heating time is much quicker as it would be with a portable vaporizer. If they are not misled, then they should realize desktop vaporizers do not heat up in 30 to 60 seconds. Give yourself 10 minutes or so.

The average consumers recommend this device and would tell their friends about it. One further criticism is the elbow joint in their tubing. It is fragile and prone to breaking. Treat the whole system with some care and possibly read advice from customers who have learned through trial and error how to take it apart safely.

Where to Buy the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Watch out for competitive pricing and you could either receive a discount or extra goodies in your Arizer package. Several online and brick-and-mortar establishments sell devices by this company which helps to keep prices low and make the Extreme Q widely available. Several online firms send out free gifts with a product of this price (like a grinder) but they should also supply a warranty if you are going to shop there.