Consumers have spoken: the top ten vaporizer pens for e liquids provide a host of features your vaping friend has to have. Any one of these items would make a fine gift or a great reward for being smoke-free over a period of time. Take the next step from an eGo and treat yourself to an excellent device from the following list.

Top 10 Advanced Personal Vaporizers For E-liquid 

1. JoyeTech eGo One

ego one

This is not the only item from JoyeTech making it to the top 10 but here is where we start: with JoyeTech’s adjustable two-piece set. Some images make it look like a giant product, but shown against a person’s hand you realize it is not really huge: just big on vapor. The eGo One offers adjustable airflow and an 1100-mAh or 2200-mAh system capable of a minimum 0.5 ohms, which is pretty impressive for a tube mod.

2. VaporFi Rebel II

Vapor Fi Rebel II

When VaporFi upgraded their popular advanced personal vaporizer, the Rebel, they added more power and features including variable wattage up to 15W. For most people, that is ample to create fabulous clouds, though not sub-ohm vapor. So long as you know this to be true, you will not be disappointed. The Rebel II is compatible with two sizes of battery and the starter kit comes with a 4-ml Pyrex Tank.

3. iTaste SVD

iTaste SVD

Innokin makes some great products: you will notice that, like JoyeTech, they turn up more than once in the top ten. Two companies combine forces, in fact: Innokin and Evolv. HCigar might have come up with the first Chinese box mod with an American chip, but this might just be the original Chinese tube-mod/Evolv combo.

Switch between 5 watts and 20 watts using the up and down buttons. Add an 18350- or 18650-series battery with the right tube to change your power setting. An eGo thread allows you to place any iClear tank on top, but with an adapter, you could switch that to a 510 tank.

4. More JoyeTech – the eGrip

JoyeTech EGrip

The eGrip is an all-in-one mod: a combination of battery and tank. The battery is built in, so you use a port to charge it at a laptop or other USB charging station. Maximum output is 20W with a low of 0.5 ohms: exceptional in a product with just a 1500-mAh battery. This produces great vapor and is highly convenient since you don’t need to carry various parts with you. Your tank is protected within the mod but a viewing window gives a glimpse of your liquid level.

5. Vamo

Vamo V5

The Vamo series offers moderate wattage adjustment for those who have just started to try variable watt/volt vaping. It’s comparable with what you have seen so far but customers really love this tube. They like the vapor it produces and its user-friendly format. Attach a 510 atomizer or tank and choose an 18650 or 18350 battery. Your lowest resistance is 1.2 ohms. Protective features include low-resistance and battery level safeguards.



Smok’s tube mod uses an 18650 battery just like the ones above. It comes in lots of colors and is able to reach 15 watts. The 510 well is deep and compatible with many types of clearomizers. Reverse battery and short-circuit protection are among the features which help prevent damage that was very common in early generations of these high-powered mods. The SMOK SID is a great performer and this tube mod has been known to survive many knocks over a couple of years.

7. SMOK XPro

Xpro bt50w blue

Smok does it again, this time with their M80 Plus. This hybrid is an adjustable VV/VW device, but can also be used mechanically to reach its highest watts and lowest resistance. It is compact in spite of using two built-in 18650 batteries for a total of 4000 mAh. You’ll be charging it at your USB power source. Temperature control is just one safeguard provided by the smart chip onboard.

8. Kanger KBox

Kanger tech kbox

Choose from between 8 watts and 40 watts, mostly by increments of 5W, to reach your desired temperature and e-liquid quality. At its highest watt value, you can drop to 0.4 ohms, checked by the onboard chip. This is a light, attractive, solid item made for ease of use.

9. Eleaf iStick 50W

istick 50w

Eleaf makes several iStick mods such as the 10W and 20W, but this is their biggest and most powerful device. At 50W, you can truly take advantage of sub-ohm vaping with rebuildable tank atomizers by Aspire, Kanger, and Smok. At 0.2-ohm minimum resistance, this box has the capacity to really perform for you. Batteries provide 4400 mAh and are built-in, so use this as a pass-through vaporizer while it charges.

10. Innokin Again

innokin itaste mvp 3.0

The last item on our list is an MVP 30W, the most recent release in Innokin’s MVP line. The iTaste MVP 3.0 offers up to 30W of power with a built-in 3800-mAh battery and as low as 0.4 ohms resistance. A 510 connector lets you attach one of many tanks or clearomizers, although an iClear 30 is often recommended. This is a pass-through vaporizer and a battery bank with battery-light indicators and a screen to show puffs and watts.

Runners Up

Lots of other items almost made their way to the top ten. Opinions from real customers drove this list to take the shape it took.

The Provari 3 is an excellent US-made device which is not a clone: it’s just a great looking and exceptionally efficient but expensive product.

Provari 3s

Joye’s eVic Supreme upgrades the original mod for a better screen and performance plus lots of vapor.

JoyeTech EVic Supreme

I could have written pages about Innokin’s hardware: they perform strongly in this category, but I wanted to include at least a few box mods. Other VW boxes to consider would be the Sigelei 100W, iPV 3, and more from SMOK. Aspire’s CF battery also turns heads.


An advanced personal vaporizer (APV) is one of the leading stars of the massive electronic cigarette market. In this form, an e cig takes on a muscular appearance far removed from the mini cigs of your first puffs, such as the Volt or Cigavette.

If you own a good one, performance is equally strong. What you missed in a mini cig is available in an APV. Learn more about this type of device, how to choose one, and where to find it.

What are Advanced Personal Vaporizers?

An APV is distinctive from mini cigs and even eGos in two ways. One is power. You can enjoy over 1000 mAh of power, even 2600 mAh. That is about 10 times the capability of a cigalike (V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Halo G6, Volcano Magma, etc.).

The other difference is control. A mini cig is usually powered by an unregulated battery. After charging the battery, it releases power at its highest voltage and power slowly drops, which is when voltage and heat are also reduced. Slowly but surely your e cig produces less vapor, which is also cooler than on a full charge.

An APV is regulated. You can adjust the voltage output of your device while using it, usually by pressing a button. Sometimes the wattage can also be regulated. Another factor affecting how hot your vapor is pertains to resistance. Low resistance atomizers burn hotter at whatever voltage you choose than high resistance atomizers. An APV is designed to be used with a variety of resistance levels and clearomizers or tanks which can be rebuilt or swapped over, changing resistance (measured in ohms).

Reading the Details

So how can you be sure you achieved the voltage you chose? With a Spinner-style battery there is no screen. APVs are built with digital screens that display everything at the press of a button.

Find out the voltage and possible wattage of your battery. Read the resistance and even how many puffs you have taken. A few devices display how hot your battery is so you know if it is time to give the device a rest lest it overheat and melt.

Safe Settings

A battery is vulnerable to many accidents of energy, and so is your atomizer. Put the battery in wrong way around, for instance, and you could blow the whole thing. Over-charging the battery could wreck it too. APVs typically feature built-in battery protection.

Varieties of APVs

Several mini cig companies have developed advanced models which are designed to support their mini cig customers into the next level of vaping without losing their business. Apollo has one (the VTube), VaporZone sells the Rebel, V2 Cigs will soon release their Pro Series 7 and 9 with variable voltage (relatives of the newly released Series 3), and Volcano Cigs carries the LavaTube.

Numerous brands are not associated with mini cigs at all but with eGo, 510, or VV batteries such as JoyeTech, Innokin, Smok, and Sigelei. JoyeTech makes one of the most exciting APVs on the market today: the eVic. Using a battery-to-computer USB port, you can download information from built-in software to track the way you use your APV.

Innokin makes several APVs, including the MVP 2.0 box mod. It looks like a walkie-talkie, but that piece jutting up is a screw thread for your iClear clearomizer. Usually these devices cost around $60 to $70. An eVic sells for $95 to $110.

The Provari from Provape is a favorite of e cig commentators for its reliable performance and durable build. The Cool Fire by Innokin is just so much fun to talk about because of its resemblance to a hand grenade.

The Smok Ace Mod is a tube-style APV. So is the Provari and eVic. Tubes are more common than box mods or strangely-shaped devices.

Where to Buy an APV

You have three choices of vendor. One is the brand website where you usually buy mini cigs. Volcano, V2 Cigs, and VaporZone all sell their items directly. VaporZone and Volcano E Cigs also run physical shops where you can walk in, look at the device, get a tutorial, and buy it on the spot (if the item you want is in stock). Finally, there are general retailers selling products online and in stores. These include MadVapes, AltSmoke, Vapor Beast, and more.

Which Is Better?

There is a risk that buying devices from general retailers leaves you vulnerable to fraud. A number of companies sell knock-offs, which do not come with a warranty. When the device you are buying seems too cheap to be any good, it is probably a clone. The insides might not be properly wired and the outside might be fragile. Pay the right money to get what you want.

An even better idea is to read lots of reviews whether you are buying from a brand site or an online vape shop like MadVapes, etc. The companies named above have been around for a while and have reputations they are proud of. You should be able to trust them with your money.

Never assume that a particular model (MVP, Ace, etc.) is made by the brand noted above. The model name merely establishes the style of e cig. All MVPs look like walkie-talkies. All Ace mods are tube-shaped devices. They might not be of the same quality as the brand-specific device. On the other hand, there are some excellent clones. Again, read reviews. Research the market heavily.

A disposable e cig costs $5 to $10. An APV costs $50 to $100. Graduating to APVs is expensive but can be worthwhile if you are cautious.